From: Suzy (
Subject: What to do with all the stuff...
Date: 2003-02-19 12:48:30 PST

For those of you planning to commit the deed in the next couple of
weeks... what do you plan to do with all of your "stuff." You know,
couches, clothes, stuff stuff stuff.

I am not going to set a date, but I can feel that it is coming up
soon. I live in Florida but my nearest family member lives in
California. Also, I rent an apartment. So I've got two major

1. What is going to happen to all of my stuff? Just have, like, an
estate sale? Will it all get taken to the dump? What if my mom wants
to keep some of it? What are you guys going to do to take care of all
your crap?

2. My body. I assume they will ship it back to California, but does
this happen often? I understand that funerals are important for the
loved ones left behind, so what about a service for my friends here in
Florida... all 3 of them.

But honestly, what are the standard procedures for these types of
situations? Anyone?