From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: 3 SUICIDE IDEAS
Newsgroups: alt.suicide.methods,, alc.suicide, alt.suicide.recovery
Date: 2003-01-20 08:06:55 PST

Even though I am just a college student, I believe I am fairly well
off. (No, my parents do not pay for everything. Ive got a large
scholarship and a job. I dont even ask my parents for money). Any
time I have money left over, I buy stuff for others. I went in to
Wal-Mart to purchase a pair of tweezers. I came out with a PS2, and
then I gave it away. I hate having extra money (though eating out is

Why die then? I am tired of everything. I don't want to do anything.
I don't enjoy anything. I am sad. I am sick. Physically and
emotionally do I feel aweful and weak and sick and tired.

UPS was supposed to deliver my KCN last week. Where is it?

> 1. Drink 1-2 bottles of premium Vodka, mixed with Kerns Nectar or any
> other juice, and go for a nice long swim in lake Tahoe. The alcohol
> shouldn't hit you for 10-15 minutes, and if it doesn't make you pass
> out, the cold water should. If all else fails, dive under, breathe
> in.
> > 2. Exacto knife to the throat. Bleed to death. How easy will this
> be? Better to try it in the tub? Why do people kill themselves in
> the tub?
> > 3. Jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Instant concussion and black out
> on impact. Death by unconscious drowning if the fall doesn't kill
> you. Better to do it at night?
> > > Which way is best? Comments? Better ideas?
> > Remember, the only real reason you people consider suicide is because
> of a lack of money. If you were all rich, if someone gave you 2
> million dollars for instance, I'm sure you'd be happier. I mean you
> might still feel like a failure or something, yet the past is always
> behind you, you can always achieve in the future if that is what you
> want to do. Anything's possible in this world.
> > Short of physical ailments, there's no reason not to go on with life.
> If you're shy try drinking beforehand. Or try using a chat program,
> and try to free your mind to try out different personalities so you
> can be who you want to be.