From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: why people end up in ash imo
Date: 2003-02-25 18:44:47 PST

"Doug" wrote in message
> Oh that damned terrible Florida weather. What, no snow ever. No
> floods. No earthquakes. So awful that the majority of our
> professional golfers choose Florida over all other states to live in.
> Yeah, tough times, living in such bad conditions. Wait, I live in
> California so I better shut up.

Doug, I have lived in both Florida and California. As most people will tell
you, it's not the heat that kills you here (here being Florida), it's the
humidity. When I first stepped out of the Orlando Airport on my first trip
to visit this state, I found it difficult to breathe. After being here a
year, enduring the summer as well as the winter weather, Florida gives just
as much of a variety of weather as California.

This coming from a Meteorology major.

At my home in California, we went through several days of 100+ degree
weather in the summer. Up to 114 sometimes. We were cheap and never turned
on the air conditioner, so it has even gotten to 100+ inside the house
(according to the thermostat). Spending my first summer in Florida, I must
say that I would have rather been in the 100+ temperatures of California...
at least it's dry there.

The humidity makes it difficult to breathe for some. You feel
uncomfortable, unable to cool yourself as the sweat (the body's natural air
conditioner) never evaporates leaving you just miserable.

As for the winters... It may not get too far below freezing in Florida, but
once again, we have that humidity. Instead of a bitter, dry cold, we have
an achey, wet cold. We have the cold where you wake up and your bones feel
as if they have been drilled full of holes and you are just recovering.

And of course, this being Florida, nobody is ever ready for the cold
weather, so where are our coats when we need them? Oh, thats right, we
never think we need them., it's Florida!

Listen, the above may sound as if I am playing the "who has it worse" game
with geograhical locations and the weather, but I just wanted to let you
know that Florida isnt all sun shiney and happy as it seems. Hell, Orlando
is the lightning capitol of the world.

As for flooding, oh yes we see flooding. Because Florida is pretty much all
swamp, the ground is as saturated as it gets. So when we see a downpour of
rain, where does it go? In our front yards and in our streets. I live on
the panhandle, and River down in central Florida, but I can assume that it
floods there just as much as it does here. I don't know if its just the
faulty planning of city commissioners or what, but our storm sewers can
never seem to handle the amount of water they sometimes get.

Once again, I realize that there are sometimes floods in California as well.
And though I don't come from Southern California, we had our share of flood
warnings in Northern California. Why, I remember a couple of years ago that
Shasta Lake was overflowing and they had to let more water through Shasta
Dam than usual. The Sacramento River flooded orchards and back yards as
well. It happens everywhere.

What I suppose I am trying to say, Mr. Douglas, is that you should shut the
fuck up becuase you really have no clue what it's like being anyone else or
(in this case) living anywhere else. You enjoy causing trouble and we
acknowledge that. But please please please, quit being such a fucking dick.
Who needs logic and sensible sentences when talking with Doug? Nothing we
say will ever bee enough... we can just hope it will be.