From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: why people end up in ash imo
Date: 2003-02-26 04:45:03 PST

"Doug" wrote in message
> Guess you didn't like California any more than you like Florida.

I'm sorry, where did I say that?

> In either state, the conditions are far better than most other states
> but telling either you or John those truths seems to be meaningless.
> So, suffer as you will. Both of you make a strong case for finding
> misery in mostly wonderful climate conditions.

When you were a kid, did you ever wish you could grow up in a place where it
snowed all the time? I remember not being able to wait for the trip to my
grandparent's house near Mt. Shasta just so that I could play in the snow.
Nobody is ever happy with the weather where they are. Just ask the people
in New York, where there are insane bilzzards in the winter. Or the plains,
where there are tornadoes all summer. California has earthquakes. Hell,
even Hawaii's fucking volcanoes.

But then again, Douglas, you wouldn't know about the weather much, would
you? I mean, except for that what you see on television and the internet,
you don't really experience this fun natural phenomenon we like to call

> What I had said was the goal in ASH is to seek unhappiness. Seems you
> proved my point.

Once again, Doug, you haven't done your homework. I am not miserable. In
fact, I am quite content. Not happy, mind you, but content. Things are
fine. Have you not read my posts about how good I have things in life?
That, though, still doesn't stop me from wanting to kill myself.