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Subject: Re: why people end up in ash
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Date: 2003-02-26 04:45:03 PST

"Doug" wrote in message

> Yeah, sure that is why so many golf courses exist in Florida, alone
> with tennis clubs and fishing and national powehouse football teams
> and well, you get my drift.

Like all of those other golf courses you would find in CALIFORNIA, and
VIRGINIA as well as NORTH CAROLINA. Golf, as well as tennis fishing, is not
only restricted to this state. You should know that, though, right? I'm
sure you do.

As for football... the last time I checked, it was called the NATIONAL
Football League, which means there are teams all across the nation.
Remember the 49ers? They're from California and they sure won their share
of Super Bowls. What about the Packers? Wisconsin. They have also won a

> St. Augustine is first city in the US. Pretty historic that!

So the whole Jamestown thing was just a sham? Also, have you ever been to
St. Augustine? I really dont think so. If you have, you would see that
"St. Augustine" and "History" belong nowhere near eachother (unless you add
"lynching" into the mixture).

Douglas, once more, why don't you leave us alone?