From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: why people end up in ash
Date: 2003-02-26 14:07:22 PST

"Mario Vega" wrote in message
> jesus H. Christ, old are you? Shouldn't you be in school?
> studying history,maybe? Do you not think lynching is part of history?
> and are you truly ignorant enough to believe that the oldest city in the
> US has NO history other than the lynchings? Or perhaps your ignorance
> is such that you think lychings ONLY happened there?
> Kid, you need to either hone your debating skills or shut the fuck up
> and stop embarrassing yourself with your astonishingly average IQ.
> Mario

Mr. Mario, perhaps it is you that should be rethinking your education. I
said that lynching IS the history of St. Augustine, among other things, of
course. That is an answer to one of your questions. The other questions
seem to be asking opposite things so... umm... here's more. There are other
cities in the United States that took part in such acts as lynching, I never
denied that. And in case you missed the unit on satire in 11th grade,
Mario, did you not understand that I was FUCKING KIDDING!

But what Jane was really getting at was culture. Not just local culture,
which you might even find in St. Augusting, but diverse. Los Angeles and
New York and San Francisco are all examples of culturally diverse cities.

And leaving out a sentance doesn't mean that I am against it. And saying
something doesn't mean that that is the final arguement on my side. I just
think that you, being an intelligent human being, can understand the small,
common sensical articles I leave out... kind of like a blind spot, you know?

Example: I like red.

Statement means "I like red" not "I like red and I hate blue" or "Red is the
only color"