From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Doug Wiser the TROLL
Date: 2003-02-11 08:05:52 PST

I am not really much for being mean to people (though I am not a fan
of Dough either), but I have to say that I rather enjoyed this.
Mostly the line about Mario's cat. Not because his cat is dead, or
even decomposed in the snow, but because I can read this and say "hey,
I know of Doug Wiser and Mario... and Mario's dead cat!"

Suzy (BALTHUS22) wrote in message news:<>...
> Doug Wiser Doug Wiser you annoying sa-a-ack of shit,
> All the ASHers would be so happy if you were to split.
> Doug Wiser Doug Wiser we wish we would find you frozen in the snow,
> Like Mario's cat, all wretched and mangled and half decompos'd.
> Doug Wiser Doug Wiser we wish you had a successful attempt,
> We wish you would've choked on your snot when talking to Wired, or went diving
> and got fatally bent.
> Doug Wiser Doug Wiser, free to commit voluntary manslaughter,
> Doug Wiser Doug Wiser, a chonic failure:
> He's old and fat and penniless,
> Sits all day on ASH and makes his marriage a mess.
> Doug Wiser Doug Wiser the ASHers all dance with glee,
> To log onto the bus stop and not have to see you on IRC.