From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: worse off?
Date: 2003-01-30 10:41:39 PST

Ther is no one who has it any worse than anybody else. She's got
cancer. His girlfriend left him. She went bankrupt. He is
depressed. These are all different problems. People put different
levels of importance on their problems. Hey, I'm suicidal, but I
don't think I have it any worse than the beauty queen that just broke
her nail.

I have been told this "worse off..." lie numerous times and it also
enrages me. Bullshit, I tell you. But what's even worse is the "I
have it worse than you, you are so lucky because you have it so great"
line. Fuck you. You don't know me or my feelings.

Suzy (adamlong4) wrote in message news:...
> somewhere in this world is a person who is worse off than absolutely
> everyone else.
> for years people have been minimizing my burdens by assuring me that
> somewhere there was somebody worse off than myself.
> what i've never been able to understand is how somebody elses
> misfortune miraculously eases mine.
> somewhere the poor guy who has only a head, no limbs or torso, is
> being
> told to cheer up because the guy in the next room only has an anus
> connected to a rudimentary spinal cord.
> what they cheer that guy up with is anyones guess.
> > adamlong4