From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Worth a Look
Date: 2003-02-12 08:13:35 PST

> Do you think any of these parents have the slightest clue why thier
> children killed themselves?
> > I'm thinking of my 14 year old nephew that is so computer addicted that
> even saying "hello" is almost beyond his capability. I had a little
> chat with him last spring. It went something like:
> > I asked, "Tommy, doesn't all that computer shit make you suicidal?"
> > He said, "Yeah."
> > I said, "Me too. So you think about suicide?"
> > He said, "Sometimes."
> > I said, "Me too."
> > "Yeah," he said.
> > So me with all my good ideas for how to prevent teen suicide suggested,
> "Hey dude, why don't you wind up your paint ball rifle and go splatter
> a bunch of your friends? Don't you think that might make you feel
> better?"
> > He said, "I don't have a CO2 cannister. Wanna buy me one?"
> > "How much?"
> > "$150."
> > "Better get back on the computer, dude." I said.
> > I did speak with my sister about this conversation. She's so
> self-absorbed, and lacking in any maternal instincts, all she gives a
> shit about is raking her husband in the divorce and having a good time
> when she can get away. Anything to do with actually responding to her
> children is something she just can't do. Those kids are cut adrift, on
> their own while their parents fuck each other in the divorce settlement
> and dad gets blow jobs from his new girlfriend in the front seat of his
> truck in the driveway of his children's home.
> > I wouldn't be a bit surprised if my nephew committed suicide. If he
> did, my sister would just whine about how he did it to her. It's no
> surprise to me that some kids check out.
> > Kathleen

> >

Stories like this make me want to be dead. It is so sad how uncaring
some people can be. It is one thing to do what is best for yourself,
but just blatantly ignoring your children is aweful. I don't ever
want to read anything like this again.

I have to kill myself...

... for fear of ending up like your sister.