XCircuit for Windows

XCircuit is a schematic drawing tool targeted at producing nice schematic captures that can be directly included in publications. The primary file format is PostScript, which makes it especially useful when using TeX/LaTeX. However, XCircuit is written for the X11 environment and if you want to use it under Windows, you have to rely on cygwin and a running X11 server. To overcome this limitation, I developed a native Win32 version of XCircuit by emulating the required X11 calls using Win32 API. The resulting executable can then be run on any Win32 system without relying on other components.

The Win32 XCircuit is still in a development stage. I mainly developed it for my own usage during my free time and it's probably not bug-free. However it has reached a usable stage and most of the XCircuit features are implemented. XCircuit/Win32 comes in 2 flavours: with or without Tcl/Tcl support built-in (see download section). The non-Tcl/Tk version of course does not have any scripting support built-in; it basically provides the same functionalities as the non-Tcl/Tk version under UNIX. However, I'm currently working on adding a COM interface to the Win32 port, such that scripting based on various scripting Windows technologies would be possible (JScript, C#, VBScript...).

[Update] The current XCircuit/Win32 version now includes the scripting code in its very early stage with some example files to illustrate it (contained in the examples\win32 directory). Functionalitites are quite limited, but this is just to get a feeling about what I would like to do. One of the key points is to provide a bridge to the .NET framework to get automatically access to a bunch of components (GUI and non-GUI) to work around the lack of Tcl/Tk. The scripting feature consists of 2 parts:

Thanks to the main XCircuit developer, most of the Win32 support has now been integrated into the main source tree (since version 3.4.18). A specific Win32 makefile is provided with the sources. Although this makefile might work with Mingw32 compiler, it has only been tested with MSVC compilers (MSVC6 and MSVC8, aka Visual Studio 2005). Pre-compiled packages a provided below.


For easy testing, I provide a pre-compiled version packaged into a self-installable executable. Just unzip the file and execute the installation program. This installer is based on NSIS. The source code is now part of the main XCircuit source tree.

NOTE: Geocities (the host of this site) impose a traffic limitation of ~5MB per hour. This means that if too many people visited this site or downloaded packages, the limit can be reached and the site/packages become temporarily unavailable. Waiting a hour or so should make them available again. Just be patient, this case should occur quite rarely.


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