Hi all : )
I guess it has been more than a year since I last updated my homepage. Many things had happened within this period and thankfully I am still in one piece and still doing works that I like. This update has included some of my latest CG and Illustration works, also putting up some of my old stuffs which were not included in my last homepage due to the lack of storage space, especially the Astronautic animation clip which was done as my final year project 4 years back. The quality of the animation may not be as good but nevertheless please drop me a mail to let me know of your comments.

Other updates would be the complete CG shot of a camera zooming out from a harbour to a hospital. A 12 seconds long clip at HDTV res. This shot is by far the most complex CG works I have involved individually. It was great fun from the beginning till the very end as I could take part from early planning till the final compositing.

I have also put up new tutorials especially on the topics of using Maya hypershade. Some of these tutorials were inspired from other materials, i.e. Maya DVD learning materials. However, I have digested the information and present it again in a simpler and easier understanding format. I have also included all relevant Maya working files (in version 4.5) at the end of each tutorial. Other tutorials are from my own creation and few can be rather experimental too. My main focus is to get new Maya users to understand that Hypershade can also be used apart from assigning shaders or textures to models.

Finally, I have updated my 2d works with new and old illustration works. Some were as old as my time in art colleges...

I am looking forward to all your comments and feed back at sweekimlai@yahoo.com

Thanks (^_^)