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Book of Shadows

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YIPPEE!!! I got my icq back up! If you'd like to contact me you may at 17045574.

UPDATE 2/19/00: Addition has been made to our links and our poetry section. Special thanks to Emily and Elspeth for their contribution! Due to an OVER-WHELMING amount of emails, we have changed our system for recieving mail so that we can better and more efficiently assist you with your questions or needs.

Questions, Comments, and Spell Requests may be sent in to

If you have a Spell or Ritual you would like to share with others, you may send it in to

Submissions for original Poetry and Chants may be mailed to

And lastly, if you have a Personal Home Page or know of a Link you would like shown on this website, contact

Thank you
{{{SCHULTZ}}} for informing me of my broken links. Currently in "Pagan Jargon" a few of the links (from c to z) *cough* are not currently working. I had a feeling there was something wrong with them but hadn't checked then in the pathetic hope that if I didn't look, it wouldn't be a problem, lol. Anyways, I seem to have either misplaced those files in one of my many directory's, or for some reason they were deleted. It will take about several weeks for the rest of the alphabet to be replaced. Sorry about any inconvs.

Once again, I will be accepting spell requests via email, if you have a request for a particular spell I will try and help you with that. Only reasonable requests, I will not deal with 'love spells and or spells that are intended to do harm'. If you have a request, you may send it to Sapphire.

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