Welcome to my page!!!

This page will be all about me and what i like to do

I will introduce myself, My name is Julie,
I will start by telling that i really don't know what
to say cause you know when you have to write about you well you are not sure what to say
First i will tell you that I am a 24 year old Female and I am from Ottawa Ontario
I am a person who enjoys poetry, music, reading, writing, outdoors.
What I like to do outdoors kind of varies. Like biking, swimming, walking, playing at the park with the kids I babysit. I also enjoy
camping, rollerblading, going to the beach, etc... I guess you can kind of figure out what kind of things I like to do outdoors...
Now to tell you a bit about me more profound. Well i have a great personallity, good sense of humour
also I am a very straight forward person. And that you can
confirm with my roomate Shelley.
There is one person I would like to mention in here. Her name is Manon. She has inspired me a lot.
Manon has played a great part in my life. She has tought me how to get by
when you have almost nothing. She is a great mother to her two kids.
Manon is the kind of person who does not need someone to depend on.
Manon is also a very good friend of mine. I consider her like my big sister
I never had. Even though I do have an older sister but she has not played
any part of my life. I can call Manon when I am feeling blue and she will bring my spirit up.
Manon is a kind of person you want in your life to stay forever and ever.

Now I will tell a bit more about me like what kind of music I like and what I like to do for fun

The kind of music that I listen to kind of varies.
It all depends on the mood I am in... I will listen to country when I am in a relaxing kind of mood.
I will listen to r and Hip Hop when I am in a good mood and I feel like dancing.
I will listen to Blues and Jazz when I do not want to be bothered. And I will listen to dance music when I feel like happy go lucky.
And now to talk about what I like to do for fun. Well that really varies with whom I am with.
If I am with my cousin Rachelle and her boyfriend Daniel well we either go play rock & roll bowling or we go play
pool. If I am with my best friend Marie-Claire then we go Kareoke singing. If I am with my
cousin Nathalie we either go to the restaurant to go see the person she loves and then we go driving around,
or we go to amusement parks like Canada's Wonderland or the Ottawa exhibition.
If I am spending time with myself I like to read good books which varies on the type or I like listening to music
If I am spending time with my roomate Shelley we either play on the computer or laugh about all sorts of things.
Shelley and I also like to talk about serious stuff. Like one day we were talking about the laws in different country.
We like to talk about serious stuff like that so we can kind of get to know what each think of different things.
That is how you get to know someone.

I believe that if you want to know someone to the fullest that you can, you should sit down and talk about all sorts of stuff,
that interest you and the other person.

I will sign off now and tell every one to have a good day and enjoy life to it's fullest.
Because you never know when your time will come when you will have to go to your future life that is waiting for you....

Love always and forever

Julie xox 1/2.