As I lay down
And close my eyes
I pray to my lord
Up in the sky

I pray he keeps
Me safe
I also pray
That he watches my little place

Help me through
My toughest times
You will help me cause
You are kind

You have helped me
Through alot of things
You gave me your love
And that's a thing I will never refuse

As I go to sleep at night
I pray the lord
Please protect me
And hold me tight


From the moment I lay eyes
You captured my intentions
Felt your warm compagnionship
Not a second without desirer

Desire of getting to know
Knowing your name
Without any games
Feeling a strong attraction

But wet feeling hinder
Whispering in my ears
Tell me your dreams
Your name so sweet

Voice of yours so smooth
A body I would never live
In time we will discover
You and I are meant to be

A very special place
Unforgetable moment
You will be fulfile
No more needs

Only nice memories
Like a rising sun
A light so bright so warm
Reflexion from your eyes

Never let the shadow
Never discover the brick wall
Let's find a beautiful path
We could hold hands

Reaching for one another
To be as one


As long as I can dream
As long as I can think
As long as I have a memory...
I will love you

As long as I have eyes to see
And ears to hear
And lips to speak
I will love you

As long as I have a heart to feel
A soul stirring within me
An imagination to hold you...
I will love you

As long as there is time
As long as there is love
As long as there is you
And as long as I have a breath to speak your name...
I will love you

Because I love you
More then anything
In the world


A freind is one of the
Nicest things you can have
And one of the best things you can be
A friends is the one who
Will always be beside you,
Through all the laughter
ANd through each and every tear
A friend is the one thing
You can always rely on;
The someone you can always open up to.
A friend is a snactuary
A friend is a smile
A friend is a hand
That is always holding yours,
No matter where you are
A friend is a feeling of forever
In the heart


I'm so confused
On what to do
I really need a friend
To help me through

But i'm alone
No one to talk too
I was played
If only I knew

I seem to get
Hurt from time to time
But it is a friend
I can not find

I want to be loved
In many different ways
I wish there was something
I could do or I could say

As I look around
For that special friend
When I find them
I will not be confused in the end


Unborn child loved by only one soul
Carying a child without knowing about
Wondering if she will provide a healthy baby
But as the months go by
The fear is vanishing cause of the love
She has of the one now child
A father not knowing anything, not caring
Not responding to the tears of pain
A mother wishing for a sound of voice from him
To reach out and be there for his child
A father is like the sun glowing in the darkness
Without a father is like writing a letter
But without a pen
A baby is a gift of god it must be loved
Cared for and most cherrish every moment of life
To make a little human being it takes two
To make it
It also needs two to give him
The love he desires not only one but two descision
Why muct we punish the child for the
Mistakes the parents made


Each kiss you gave...
Was like a jewel upon a silver chain
Each mile you gave...
Was like a velvet rose
Whose fragrance wafts again
Each touch you gave...
Was like a flary flame
That in my heart still glows
Each word of love you gave...
Was like a soft caress
That's kept in memories frame
Each look you gave...
Whispered of a promiss
That you would wear my name


My hopes are high
My dreams are just that
But I will do anything I want
And that is a fact

I know there is nothing
I can not do
Believe in yourself
And you'll feel the same to

Follow your heart
And let your mind
Do the rest
It's almost like a vine

You got to climb
To reach that goal
Of yours
But don't let yourself

Fall in a hole
Always belive in what you want
Remember you can do it
When you work so hard

And your finally there
That is something for you to share


God put me on this earth
I haven't figured out why
Sometimes I really wonder
And look to the top of the sky
THere are things
I wish I could do
And believing in god
It helps me through
I have the strenght
As long as i believe
And onto my lord
I will never desieve
He has helped me
Throught some troubled times
When I need him the most
He was always on my mind
Whom I was down
When I was blue And see it all through


Friends is what they were
Lovers is what they are now
What it was strong friendship
What is now, uncontrol friends
For first time as a couple
On the living room carpet
Fire place filled with burning wood
Fire reflecting in their eyes
Felling, kissing, loving
Each other bodies as they've never done
Lookin in each others eyes
together staring they're love
He captured her heart
Like never before gived his affection
Whispering in her ears
Tell me your dreams
Seeing each other secretly
No one to know
She feels his confidence
But a secrets hard to keep
Especially if it's about him


Friends are there
There for friends
friends are special
Special in life
Life is empty
Empty without friends
Friends will be by your side
They will make you laugh
Make you cry
Fulfill you in joy
Emptying your pain
Make you feel secure
Help you in bad times
Times when feeling lonely
Times when needed someone
Needed a special person
Special friend
Friends that care
Care in good and bad times
Love yourself
You'll be able to love a special person
Special person called a friend
That person will send back that love
Never turn your back away
Always leave a space to share happiness
Friends is a needed person


Father tell me where did you go
I don't understand
I love you
Don't you know
A father daughter relationship
Is somehting we never had
I'm always crying
Dad i'm sad
I miss you dear
I know you are always near
In my heart is where your at
And memories of us is something I'll never
Put in the past
Where are you
I need you so
Come see me now
And don't say no
I've looked all over
And you I cannot find
But a father daughter relationship
I something I'll always keep in mind


Sunset's out
Bug and beautiful
Sandy Beaches
Crystal blue waters

Making love under the bridge
While the day awakin'
This is my dream
I am making

Clean sandy beaches
Clean blue waters
Look in the bright skies
No, nothing matters

Walk down the strip
All day long
I want someon to care for
To show them we belong

As I awake
I seem to be
In a state
I should wake up

And find a mate
There is someone
I am steamen'
Where are you
I got to stop dreaming


Destiny is a far off place
Where you have to go
It's your choice
And taht, you should know

As you think that's what I want
Think ahead
And now it's your destiny
When you want something done

Remember it's you and only you
There are going to be hard times
And easy times you will get throught
But it's worth every step

You can never take too many
Because it's your destiny
As you get closer and closer
You'll think back and wonder

Did I go this far
All by myself all alone
You'll think this really
Was your destiny

You've made it
Your finally there
This is one feeling
That nothing can compare

This is an accomplishement
Destiny that you should share


I belong with you
No matter where you go
You belong with me
No matter where I go
And although
you are not here now
You are inside of me
In every thought
And feelings
Our love bonds us
In such a strong way
That distance cannot
Seperate us
But certainly would
Be nicer if
We were together
So our love
Could touch each other