TOP SECRET FILE FORM INFRA D.I.P. PROJECT MARXEN UFO88 DEPARTMENT OF INTERPLANETARY AFFAIRS OFFICIAL DOCUMENT/TRANS ENVATE/PROJECT MARXEN data inclusive DE-CLASSIFIED JANUARY 1, 1989 INEREN CLEARANCE BY S . E. MAR SUBJECT: U.F.O. AND REPORTED EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTERS ON. MAUI, HAWAII. JANUARY 1970 TO DECEMBER 1989 CLASSIFICATION: Formerly TOP SECRET U.F.O., E B.E., AND E.T. CELL] DATA AND OFFICIAL COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN THIS AGENCY AND OFFICIALS FORMERLY OR ACTIVELY REPRESENTING THE UNITED NATIONS, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, AND THE N.A.S.A. SPACE PROGRAM, AS WELL AS CIVILIAN SCIENTIFIC U.F.O. INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEES AND NETWORKS AND THE FILES OF M.I.N.D INTERNATIONAL. COMPILED BY S.E. MAR, DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF INTERPLANETARY AFFAIRS JANUARY THROUGH MAY 1972 AND IN 1990. by Steve Omar/EN MAR THE DEPARTMENT OF INTERPLANETARY AFFAIRS received reports of metallic domed and disced aerial craft that landed and flew, encounters with humanoid material beings, communications with aliens claiming to come from distant planets, and U.F.O. landing marks on Maui. Former officials from military and government intelligence agencies came to investigate our files, and reported accounts of secret communications between government agencies and aliens, retrieved crashed spaceships containing dead alien bodies, secret technology, hidden underground interplanetary bases, and their reasons for the cover-ups. For l9 years they all told the SAME DETAILS concerning this information, and it matched the reports of hundreds of civilian witnesses and researchers. As the former Director of the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, I am releasing these reports for the readers to analyze and decide for themselves on the conclusions. In September 1982, a woman approached me in Kimo's restaurant, in Lahaina, paranoid, shocked, serious, and confused, as well as visibly emotionally shaken. She reported a Close Encounter of the Third Kind on Maui, and desperately sought someone who could explain. She was very obviously not seeking fame, headlines, money or recognition for the story she gave my Lahaina Times newspaper, because it was our policy to not print witnesses names and never pay them, to eliminate all reasons for hoaxes for recognition or financial gain. As usual, we did not publish the witnesses names in this case. She was nervous and uneasy. Peggy and her anonymous male friend who I also interviewed, were driving toward the Seven Sacred Pools near Hana, where they passed over the same bridge where motorists reported seeing a U.FO. land in 1976. There had been many U.F.O. sightings reported in this region. In the clear night sky, the couple reported seeing a large moving U.F.O. with several smaller ones flying in a perfect triangular shaped formation. The formation flew overhead and one of the smaller objects broke away and flew down low overhead, then back up to rejoin the formation. They reported feeling the same heavy, tingling, distracting sensations reported by hundreds of other U.F.O. witnesses around the world for 60 years. The couple had been exhausted and eager to sleep, yet they suddenly felt highly energized, which is another characteristics of many U.F.O. encounters. About eleven P.M. the couple walked toward a ridge near the Seven Sacred Pools and saw two red glows from the ocean nearby. After seeing another blue glowing object in nearby vegetation, the couple became terrified because it was only 200 yards away. Then two tall white beings with luminous space suits appeared on a nearby ridge and moved within 30 feet of startled witnesses. As evidence this was no hallucination or natural phenomenon, the entities began to converse in a strange unknown language. After watching the beings for about ten minutes while too terrified to move, the couple began to slowly retreat. They fled to their tent in the park, dove inside, zipped it shut, and tried to calm themselves to falling asleep. However, shortly after closing their eyes, bright lights from outside their tent lit up the inside. Then came another aspect common to U.F.O. encounters. All of the noisy insects and birds outside became strangely eerie nervous silence. Hopelessly trying to sleep, fear turned into a living nightmare. In the dark night, one of the beings entered the tent and she could feel it nudging against her body. With all the reports of alien abductions, this was a normal response. Peggy immediately jumped up and fled. Shortly thereafter, the glowing objects flew off. I interviewed her boyfriend "separately". He was also worried, confused, and seems paranoid, and gave exactly the SAME details, and I never gave him any money or publicity. So what would there be to gain in a hoax? There were a few other witnesses in the park to this report. In regard to the Seven Sacred Pools, let us return to that day in September 1974, when my secretary for the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, Cathy Conway, was reportedly abducted by a U.F.O. in front of seven witnesses, who we interviewed independently for matching details. One of the viewers was her brothers. They reported a glowing U.F.O. took Cathy away, never to return, right before their eyes. If she ever came back, we never heard of it years later. This case is particularly intriguing because the U.F.O. was glowing over the ocean next to the Seven Pools like those in Peggy's 1982 encounter. Prior to this incident, Kent Liscum of the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, had been in an A-frame home in Kula, Maui, with several other witnesses, when several objects they called spaceships appeared overhead, then landed in a clearing in back of the home. The objects then took off and returned at intervals throughout the night. Kent was also a key witness in the Cathy Conway case. The witnesses all reported seeing a glowing object hovering over the ocean near the pools. Conway had a desire to meet aliens and try to get a ride in a spacecraft, and she dove into the sea beneath the glowing object. A beam of light reportedly emitted from the object and lit up the ocean where Cathy had dove. Some of the witnesses believed she was beamed up into a craft. The object then flew off at high speed, and none of the witnesses ever saw her again (at last reports a couple of years later). We do know that Cathy did not show up at work as scheduled on the following Tuesday, never phoned in, and I never saw my secretary again. The Coast Guard and police reportedly investigated the incident and could not find a trace of her either. In February 1972, a man visited the Department of Interplanetary Affairs' office on Front Street, in Lahaina, and said he had been taken on board a small alien metallic craft that rose from the water at one of the largest of the Seven Sacred Pools. The craft was a very small miniature submarine-like vehicle that held two beings. He reported the same tingling energized sensations that Peggy had experienced. One of the beings motioned for the witness to come toward the object, so out of curiosity he dove into the pool and swam toward the object. He said he was helped on board by human-appearing men with strange suits on, who had long golden-blonde hair, blue eyes, and were exceptionally good looking. The man added that the object then submerged, entered an opening in the bottom of the pool, and an underwater tunnel canal that took him deep below the island to a hidden space base. The witness described the futuristic-appearing complex, and aliens from 16 different planets utilizing it. He added that the beings he was with were from a planet called Erra(spelling?}. This person was not offered money or publicity and did not seek it, and we still keep his identity confidential. This is the kind of case that can bring out public ridicule, which is undesirable anyway. The man seemed intelligent, calm, and sane to us investigators, and when we asked friends about his character, they all responded with good words about his sensibilities and life-style. However, this would be a difficult case to prove or disprove, and nobody has done either. In 1972 two of my agency representatives and I visited Sergeant Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence, in Honolulu, who was the state leading authority on secret U.F.O. information and government cover-ups(as far as I could determine). He told us most of the basic secret government conspiracy and cover-up information in 1972 that William Cooper exposed in Hawaii in 1991! That information was extremely hidden back then, and we were alarmed. Wannall claimed he was silenced by military intelligence and they had severely harassed him for his U.F.O. research and warned him not to talk." He gave me a thick document detailing secret contacts on Oahu during the 1950s between military intelligence agents, including himself, and landed flying disc occupants. Much of his information was startling and he warned us not to publish it because it was too dangerous. Willard also reported he was picked up by a landed interplanetary spacecraft in the hills behind Honolulu during the 1950s and given information. Sgt. Wannall was trying to find out what was going on over on Maui, so we offered to trade information, even though he warned us we were in danger if we released what he told us. We did tell him the report on the underground base reported below Maui, and he said he knew it existed and it was very real. He also told us that the types of beings reported on the little craft were real and he had encountered similar beings. He told us about entrances to the underground base in the thick rain forest near the summit of Maui's Eke Crater, where large doors covered with jungle that opened and closed allowed spacecraft to enter and exit. This information was interesting because of the large number of people who had reported seeing glowing lights flying in and out of Eke Crater in those days, the shocking number of hikers who had vanished on expeditions there, and glowing and moving lights I had seen oil the summit myself. Eke Crater is covered by thick clouds and fog most of the time, and Hawaiians reported it as Kapu(sacred and off-limits) and the Home of the Gods where their race did not dare approach! They had legends about superior beings in Eke Crater. We saw a mysterious photograph of ruins in the jungle near the summit, which were witnessed by a Hawaiian woman Hildra James. She described a mysterious sun dial and temple there that we could find in no book in any library on Maui. We also heard reports that a team of scientists from National Geographic magazine had vanished inside Eke Crater. The magazine denied the story, yet some researchers believe they may have been forced to cover-up the truth by CIA pressure or other government agencies trying to hide the facts, which is a common practice. Haleakala Crater was the scene of hundreds of U.F.O. sighting reports in the early 1970s and a few landing and contact accounts. In 1972 an object described as a spaceship, about 300 feet long and 30 to 40 feet high, white to silver-grey metallic with blue and white pulsating lights, landed only a few yards from witnesses inside Haleakala Crater. Richard Uriel, Jeff Calaun, and a person identified only as Wanite, reported the incident to our staff. It took place July 18th, about 6 miles from Halua cabin. To indicate this was no hallucination, the object emitted a loud whining noise only 150 yards away, and then blew up a cloud of dirt as it took off from the crater floor. They reported what looked like a row of port hole windows, and near the top of that solid craft was a rectangular device that had opened and closed. After it took off it left a landing mark in the ground. In February 1972, department agents Nick Cole and Paul Groover, who operated from our office, were driving near the summit of Haleakala when they reported a small, disc-shaped object swooped down over the crater rim and right over their car at low altitude. They estimated the craft to be 25 feet in diameter. A few months later, a woman named Maracas and her friend Ruth, who I knew very well and trusted completely, reported seeing a cylindrical shaped craft unloading smaller scout craft over Haleakala. During the week of October 12, 1975, some hikers reported seeing the same U.F.O. four times during three days, and a man named Pius took four rolls of film of it. Pius estimated the object got within 100 yards of the witnesses, and they saw 8 to 10 Spacecraft" in one day. We obtained one of their photos of a deep blue sky with a silvery looking object with an apparent vapor trail rising, with the crater rim off to one side. The photo shows the Moon, and the object appears large enough in the photo to be some unidentified object. We obtained another photo taken in the desert in California of an identical object, and submitted it to Dr. J. Allen Hynek, formerly the astronomer who investigated U.F.O.s for the U.S. Air Force Project Bluebook(former U.F.O.)investigation. Dr. Hynek was impressed with the authenticity of the photo and its striking similarity to the desert photo. Pius reported that one of the objects emitted a beam, and it struck one of the witnesses in the leg without harm. In 1990, Mark Huber, former commander in Naval Intelligence who was reporting U.F.O. information to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon, reported heavy U.F.O. activity over Haleakala Crater that October. He lived in Kula, on the crater slopes, and reported numerous sightings of spacecraft over the summit, as well as inside the crater(one of his favorite hikes). He believed the craft were of the greys(aliens reportedly from Zeta Reticula or Orion). Huber also reported he was abducted by the grey aliens, they attempted to manipulate him, and returned him from their spacecraft prior to arriving on Maui. Mark had more intelligence data on the U.F.O. cover-up than anyone I had ever met or read data from, reported many of the same details as William Cooper and Sgt. Willard Wannall, and gave me information for my public U.F.O. lectures. Huber attended by lectures yet refused to speak himself and kept silent in the audience for obvious reasons. Lahaina was the scene of a U.F.O. flap in 1972. In 1969 a large cigar-shaped object was filmed from Lahaina by a Hollywood movie film producer, Chuck Wein, who produced the movie Rainbow Bridge(starring Jimmy Hendrix), using a 35MM. movie camera. The object appeared in the headlines of the major state newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser, and he saw the clipping. There were hundreds of witnesses from the area of Front Street. The photo showed an object that looked almost exactly like so-called mother ships" photographed over California in the early 1950s. Air Force spokesmen tried to tell the public the object was a missile fired from Kauai island, however those missiles did not resemble the object in the photograph and were not allowed to traject over Maui in that flight path, according to researchers who told me about the case. In 1972 dozens of glowing flying objects, most of them only the single color gold, were reported cruising near Lahaina over the ocean and over the town, by hundreds of witnesses. In certain sightings the crowd inside tourist restaurants saw the objects, and the waiters, waitresses, busboys, and managers said they thought the objects were spaceships! One witness was my intelligence director, Mel Swhartzer, a bartender in the Ocean House restaurant. The single gold color violated F.A.A. regulations for the color of the lights of all aircraft. In some sightings formations were reported. Witnesses on a fishing boat reported a silver saucer shaped object at low altitude between Maui and Lanai island. I saw some of these objects myself and could not identify any of them with known objects. On February 2, 1978. a 37 year old Maui woman come to my office of the HAWAIIAN TIMES NEWSPAPER which I was executive editor of then, and said she was on a boat off the coast of Lahaina after midnight, gazing at the stars and feeling restless. Suddenly she felt that familiar surge of energy and the tingling sensation, and heard a high-pitched frequency with a mechanical rhythm, which lasted until about 4A.M. A few days later she spent the night in a room in a large home in Lahaina, and felt the same sensations again. Gwen then heard a voice in her head telling her not to be frightened or ask questions. She reported she saw a humanoid being enter her room. The being wore a transparent white glowing space suit (of unknown material, and was about 5 feet tall and thin. Gwen could not make out his facial features, except for a white glow around his head with a gold ring of light around it. The head appeared to have some kind of helmet shape around it. At that moment, the witness had a blurred memory lapse. She regained full consciousness inside a spacecraft, not understanding exactly how she arrived in it, which is one of the most common descriptions of hundreds of U.F.O abduction cases investigated around the world. The craft was said to be bullet-shaped with panels in the front, and she was placed in a back seat with the alien in the front. She added it took her up over the backside of Haleakala Crater, and she was shown a landing area in the dense rain forest on the slope. She gave us other details of a flight into space that we will not elaborate. I spent 3 months investigating Gwen, and determined that the details of her experience were too similar to too many other abductions to ignore. In 1972 an astronomer, who asked to remain anonymous, entered my office and filled out a detailed written report of a mechanical flying object he had seen over Haleakala Crater, where he was employed by the government in the scientific observatory. He drew the craft. While official observatory policy is to deny and cover-up their U.F.O. sightings over the crater, he told us it indeed was a cover-up. They are under threat of severe penalties for disclosing what they see. There was an additional report of a tall, blond, blue-eyed alien walking around inside Haleakala in the early 1970s. There were also many sightings from Makena Beach in those days, including one report of a humanoid alien seen walking along the beach. Near Honolua Bay Maui there were several U.F.O. sightings by many surfers in 1972. Adjacent is a hiking area called Hobbitland, where a saucer shaped craft reportedly landed. Witnesses described a helmeted alien with a black space suit on walking around outside the craft. I was a newspaper reporter and writer who was swamped with Maui U.F.O. reports in the early 1970s. I published many of them in the former MAUI SUN NEWSPAPER(which began as the Lahaina Sun), the LAHAINA TIMES, and in newsletters, lectured at Maui Community College, and went on a talk show on Channel Seven television. There were so many reports that I established the Department of Interplanetary Affairs in 1972, to research into all Maui and overseas U.F.O. and I.F.O. reports(Identified Flying Objects), and to attempt to establish communications with them to possibly gain advanced technology and the knowledge of superior lifestyles, as well as solving Earthly problems. We did not know if that goal was even possible. Yet by 1975, over a dozen of our members reported physical, face-to-face encounters with beings who claimed to be from other planets, who gave them information, solutions, advice, and some technological data. Several dozen other members claimed telepathic contact with aliens, and a few reported they were abducted or beamed up to spacecraft. EVERYONE IN THE DEPARTMENT REPORTED U.F.O. SIGHTINGS, and most saw what they believed were some kind of spaceships. I am not claiming anything they told me, but only reporting what they told me" to you. Form your own conclusions, for I will not give you my conclusions on what they told me either. These are REPORTS that these people told me were truth. The only conclusion I will report is many of the DETAILS from dozens of different people over 18 years were the SAME. When we began releasing this information to the public, we were threatened and warned by former agents of military intelligence agencies, a U.F.O. investigator for the President of the United Nations, N.A.S.A. SPACE PROGRAM officials, and mysterious letters. We were visibly followed, spied upon, and harassed. Important mail totally vanished. Documents and photos were stolen or disappeared. An entire stack of newspapers containing one of my articles on the U.F.O. conspiracy disappeared from the SUN publishing office, and their editor Russ Williams, who promoted our research, suddenly quit at the peak of his career and left the island. Some friends said he was silenced, and other said he disappeared(I believe he was silenced but cannot confirm the disappearance). The publisher, Don Graydon, who admitted he had witnessed a U.F.O. in the newspaper(over Haleakala), and said my articles drew a tremendous response, fired me suddenly at the peak of our popularity in the news, for no reasonable reason. Graydon refused to publish any more U.F.O. reports in spite of the big demand. I sent documented evidence to the major state newspaper that they refused to print, in spite of the fact they had given my department and my research a favorable article in the big Sunday edition. The stuff I sent them was too revealing. I also witnessed notes detailing the organizations behind the cover-up, and men involved, censored before my eyes by Chuck Bourne, the director of KNUI RADIO news, before I went on the air. Our original office was located upstairs in downtown Lahaina, on Front Street, and we had evidence the F.B.I. spied on us there. We exposed two agents. We caught mysterious looking government-agent looking men across the street taking our photographs with telephoto lenses, and following us around. The landlord evicted us after we always paid the rent on time and he admitted we were good tenants. He had no reasonable explanation for me, and a former Air Force intelligence agent told me the FBI had pressured him to get us out for being subversives. In 1972 a mysterious secret agent from a European intelligence agency, with a deep foreign accent, arrived in Lahaina. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met, and she appeared to try to seduce my intelligence director, Mel Swhartzer and I, and invited us to spend the night with her in the Pioneer Inn to discuss U.F.O.s However, she knew way too much about the secret inner structure of my department and who was who in it, so we became suspicious. After failing to win me over in her room, she told me all about the New World Order in 1972 and how we had better play their game or risk being assassinated. She tried to convince me of the necessity of their Order and warned us not to interfere with it. Robert Louie, who took over the Department of Interplanetary Affairs in 1974, reported he was harassed by 3 Men In Black, and had his files stolen from him in France. One of my secretaries, Maureen Maharry, was in charge of communications and spreading our findings from Kauai to Oahu to Hawaii island in 1973 to 1974. She was found dead in a pool of blood on Kauai in January 1974, the SAME DAY THAT I WAS SCHEDULED TO ARRIVE AT HER HOUSE for a week visit! I canceled my plane reservation at the last minute, due to an un expected and lucrative business deal in Honolulu that had been delayed an extra two days. I would have there during the murder. The man who was arrested was freed mysteriously. Some of our investigators on Kauai reported he was a CIA agent stationed at the submarine base there. (There is also a U.F.O. base reportedly underwater off Kauai, where witnesses reported craft entering and leaving the ocean). If our U.F.O. research consists of hoaxes and disinformation, why have we been threatened, harassed, injured, and warned for releasing it? I have personally spoken to people who were silenced by the CIA for trying to release information in my files big-time. I have talked to people who were shot, beat-up, and roughed-up for releasing what I am telling you. I know others who just plain disappeared with no warning or explanation. And my former director agent for the Eastern Hemisphere, Steven Tyler, was arrested without charges, placed in solitary confinement in a Federal penitentiary, and harassed after he got a hold of our master plan to set up a world center in Costa Rica for our research and expose. After Tyler got out of prison, he phoned and was on his way to Hawaii with the money for the Costa Rica Project, to meet with our directors in Honolulu. Tyler vanished immediately thereafter, nobody in his agency in Florida was able to locate him nor did they hear from him, and all of his mail to us ceased. I never heard from him ever again. So who is trying to hide what? On Christmas Eve, 1985. John August, a leading Maui U.F.O. cover-up researcher, reported residents saw U.FO.s cruising below the summit of Haleakala, coming from the direction of Lanai Island. He saw one of the bright objects himself, traveling in a north to south direction at low elevation through the central valley at an estimated speed of 12,000 miles per hour. August has interviewed people on Maui who saw objects, as well as former government/military agents who witnessed the alien truth and were Silenced." I have interviewed over a dozen of these former agents from Army and Air Force and Naval Intelligence who witnessed the truth on crashed captured flying discs, dead alien bodies, secret communications between the Pentagon and aliens, and were ordered not to talk publicly under penalty ranging from discontinuation of all retirement benefits and being roughed-up, to assassination through "accidents" that are made to look like accidents. In 1973 we received a report of a U.F.O. that was tracked from the Midwest to Hawaii by NORAD and chased by jet interceptors. There was aerial combat off Maui and at least one jet and a disc-shaped craft crashed into the ocean. Later on, leading U.F.O. crash expert Leonard Stringfield of the Mutual UFO Network, documented that crash in a document, which we have in our files. Later on a mysterious research ship, reportedly owned or directed by Howard Hughs, was stationed off Maui for several weeks, allegedly on a secret mining operation. We were told it was really trying to retrieve a crashed saucer and the jet interceptor, in spite of Disinformation it was looking for a nuclear submarine. If you want to hike into the craters and try to look for E.T.s, beware. Not only have they "reportedly" abducted people and put them through sometimes painful physical examinations and mind-control and inserted implants, but others are allegedly government secret agents disguised as aliens who are flying around in captured crashed flying saucers that they learned to operate and duplicate. If it is a REAL friendly alien, also beware. You can be jailed for talking to an alien space being! United States citizens making contact with aliens from outer space is strictly ILLEGAL, according to section 1211 of the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, and is punishable by a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. If you work or worked for the government or military complex meeting an alien and telling the public is very dangerous, with the threat of a ten year jail sentence, $10,000 fine, termination of all pay and retirement benefits, and official denial of your claims, according to Federal Regulation JANAP 146. If that law fails to silence witnesses, who "know too much about U.F.O.s" or talk too much about what they saw", the secret agency MJ12 can handle the problem with a planned Accidental death", a Planned" suicide (like with former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal when he decided to tell the truth about the aliens to the public), a transfer to a war battlefield to be accidentally bombed by American planes(blame the enemy), be told "bullets are cheap"(according to one witness), or confinement to a military mental institution with an official public release that the witness went crazy under stress and is suffering from delusions. A worse scenario is being transferred to one of the over 65 top secret underground bases around the United States for what amounts to a lifetime of slave-labor the public has no access to news upon. The first director of the CIA and also MJ-12 member Roscoe Hillenkoetter revealed another technique, when he admitted publicly to the NEW YORK TIMES newspaper that Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through OFFICIAL SECRECY AND RIDICULE many citizens are led to believe flying objects are nonsense. " Joe Graham was on Maui October 1985, laying in the sun, and saw a UFO. It was a shiny platinum looking disk shape and the sighting lasted about three minutes. A man named Fred was celebrating New Year's Eve in Lahaina, Maui with his wife, and were dining in a restaurant along Front Street. There was a big storm and the electrical power went out. He looked up and saw a UFO overhead, and his wife and friends saw 3 of the objects. These were the triangular shaped objects like the one that Paul Groover, Rich Evers, and I had seen over the Maui Belle night club in Lahaina, on Front Street, in 1972. Fred said the craft were flying in formation over Lahaina in a v pattern. (Fred had reported actual physical contact with an alien being on the mainland prior to this incident). A green circular UFO was in the front page headlines of the MAUI NEWS newspaper on June 1,1979. 15 witnesses had called this newspaper the day before to describe the object in the skies, and a policeman was a witness. The UFO was seen on two different days and twenty hours apart in separate sightings, and a large drawing of it appeared at the top of the front page of the daily newspaper. Lanai Island residents also reported seeing this craft. A greenish blue vapor trail was reported behind the object. The publisher of the former newspaper the MAUI SUN formerly the Lahaina Sun, Don Graydon, had his own personal UFO sighting in 1973 after the had run my UFO reports in his newspaper. Was this a sign to confirm our accuracy? On January 15, 1974, Graydon was awakened by his wife at about 5:30AM after he saw the object. He described the object as slightly elongated on two sides, Much like your traditional flying saucers. The white brilliant object was hovering over the ocean off the coast of Maui. The UFO would glide along then suddenly stop, before flying off over Kahului and vanishing. Grayden wrote he had observed helicopters, airplanes, military flares, balloons, and dirigibles...."our UFO was none of these He also called the Federal Aviation Administration on Maui and they had no record of any conventional aircraft where he saw the UFO! I want to emphasize that we are not gullible. The Department of Interplanetary Affairs rejected most of the UFO reports we received, after analyzing them and determining they are natural objects or the witnesses were unreliable. Don Graydon was a hard-core investigative reporter trained to detect fallacies. In 1971, a saucer shaped craft reportedly landed in a clearing near the old church in Huelo, off the Hana Hwy., with two witnesses. The following year three Huelo resident women said a spacecraft landed in their backyard shortly before sunrise and a brilliant light emitting from it lit up the inside of their bedrooms and woke them up. Dozens of Huelo residents reported UFO sightings during the early 1970s and some reported what they believed to be telepathic communications with aliens. Later decade on, in September 1980, a UFO came down near the Huelo section of the Hana Hwy. making a loud noise proving it was no hallucination. There were four witnesses in two houses who described how it descended in a field, and then took off into the sky. Like hundreds of other UFO reports from around the world, including military bases and naval ships at sea, the object turned off all the electricity in the houses, including television and clocks. When the craft departed the electricity returned. UFOs have been documented turning off the ignition in automobiles in hundreds of reports from many different countries and the automobiles often contained multiple witnesses. Sometimes entire lines of cars would shut with a UFO overhead and the power always returns when it leaves. Over a hundred Air Force and Naval pilots have reported UFOs disrupting the electrical systems in their jets, and all this is in the files of Project Bluebook from our Air Force and other data now de-classified through the Freedom of Information Act, which you should declare and use to obtain the truth about real UFOs under intelligent control if you are a skeptic. Project Bluebook's former director, Captain Edward Ruppelt, admitted that some UFOs are intelligently controlled craft made by no nation on Earth AFTER HE QUIT THE AIR FORCE UFO INVESTIGATION. See his book Report on Unidentified Flying Objects you are a skeptic, or better yet...demand Project Bluebook from the government files like my correspondents did and received. Between Huelo and Hana is the small village of Wailua, where a man and his wife reported flying disk landings and actual contact with physical beings from another world. In 1987, Leilani Brissette Dearing, a Phd., with a very professional projection(no wide-eyed fanatic here), reported alien beings with basically human appearance and height, emerged from the craft that landed in their backyard. Their skin was slightly different from ours, being slightly golden in hue and their eye color black. The aliens took her aboard their spacecraft. They claimed to be from a planet in the Pleiades system. It may be noted that the ancient Hawaiians believed they were contacted by Pleiadeans who taught them some cultural items and this is contained in the literature of Hawaiiana. A secret underwater Pleiadean space base is reported to exist off the coast of Kauai island, where a former Canadian intelligence agent who was affiliated with the United Nations, told me he witnessed a UFO emerging. There have been more UFO activity reports in that area. However, I cannot confirm this base from former military intelligence agents who said they have heard of it(nor has William Cooper). That does not mean that it does not exist, for the Pleiadeans, according to information they allegedly release to contactees, operate very secretly. Contacts with Pleiadeans are detailed in ancient writings from Indian Tibet, Manchuria, Sumeria, Egypt, Babylonia, Maya-Mesoamerica, Chaldea, and other regions, and all this literature claims these Guardians gave early man the instruction in agriculture, textiles, architecture, and other building blocks of early civilization. Nobody has proved many of these accounts false, in spite of the incredible advanced technology found around the world and detailed and photographed in the six volumes of the French historian Robbert Charrounc. I have this set, which is currently unavailable in the United States(along with a lot of other published detailed documented evidence published in other countries). In August 1989, the two witnesses reported the Pleiadeans returned to Maui, for a second physical contact. Leilani said she was home at about 3AM, when a metallic box-shaped object about six feet tall appeared at her home, she saw vertical wavy lines on the machine, and the outline of a woman appeared in it. For some reason, many reported contacts with Pleiadeans contain indescribably beautiful women as the pilots with the messages. The alien was wearing a sheer type dress and was tall with shoulder length hair cut in a geometric style. The woman emerged from the object, walked in an assertive way, and sat down next to Leilani. She reportedly told her that she had a husband on another planet that she left him on her mission to different planets. The E.T had a box like transmitter in her hand, and with a flash of her hand on the instrument, showed the witness a screen resembling some kind of television. However, this device was horizontally shaped. A being the visitor said was her husband appeared on the screen and spoke. Meanwhile, Leilani had been paralyzed and unable to move throughout the conversation, due to the transmitter energy, and remained so until the alien departed. The being explained to her that the reason was that if Leilani panicked while the Pleiadean was being beamed back into the spaceship, it could be dangerous for both of them. The E.T. gave Leilani and her husband a form of music from the Pleiades, which is getting the message of the Pleiadeans out to the public through lyrics in music and certain harmonies. The couple played the music for an audience on Maui in 1990 that I witnessed. We all were very impressed by the quality of the music and the uplifting messages it contained. The Pleiadeans reportedly prefer to communicate via music. In the late 1980s in Germany, during a large music concert, a couple of clearly seen Pleiadean beam-ships come down and hovered overhead for all to see, according to newspaper releases. The concert was Pleiadean type music being played by Fred Bell, who claims to be in -contact with them and exhibits what he claims is technology they entrusted him to build. We have no evidence this account is about Pleiadeans, yet cannot disprove it either We also investigated the crystal clear, close-up, full color glossy photos of reported Pleiadean spaceships, taken by Bill Mier in Switzerland in the mid seventeen sometimes before witnesses who in these cases took their own photos of the objects. We have a very clear color motion picture video of these machines flying around, making maneuvers impossible for all the aircraft we studied in our research. These objects are silvery metallic, domed, and obviously solid and in the air. These photos were analyzed by a research specialist at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratories, through computer digital enhancement and heat analysis, and had concluded the objects were the diameter, distance away, and speeds, etc. that Mier claimed and there was absolutely no trace of fraud. We have the video of this analysis. The Japanese news media, which DOES NOT CENSOR UFO DATA to the extremes of the U.S major media, was so impressed by the authenticity of the film they showed it on national television. Mier claims he was taken on board these ships, and met beautiful Pleiadean women with long blond hair who look like extremely attractive humans. We have a color drawing from Mier of this reported pilot and she is certainly a fox. We also have on video a still Mier said he took of two women pilots of another spacecraft, and the still shows them human appearing attractive women. Nobody in our world-wide investigative network who we know of has ever proven any of these photos fake, even though many have tried to do that. Mier, for sure, was shot at and there is ample evidence for the attempts on his life after he released this data. Mier was also followed and spied upon and has video proof of it. If he was hiding a hoax why was he harassed and nearly killed. These days he is reportedly pretty much "silenced." Several attempts have been made to publicly discredit Mier with evidence he is a fake that is inconclusive, because the CIA and other agencies purposely release false evidence called "Disinformation" to discredit anyone too close to the truth. They also threaten witnesses with death and pay them to give the public false information about UFO witnesses. So keep that in mind if you here anything negative about Mier. Many discrediters are working for the CIA and are masters of false information and forcing witnesses to say things they do not believe in. Personally, I will not tell you what I think of Mier except his videos and photos are the best I have ever analyzed. Make up your own mind. The released reported formerly Top Secret Government UFO files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as testimonials from too many former military intelligence agents and military leaders we have communicated with who were silenced so we cannot give you all their names, match details of friendly human appearing aliens who have contacted officials offering good advice to humanity. They are usually described as tall blond humans who are extremely attractive, with blond hair, blue to green eyes, perfect teeth, and beautiful smiles. They allegedly originate from a planet orbiting the star Alcyone in the Pleiades, another planet called Erra in the Pleiades, as well as a planet in the Rigel system in Orion(a rebel subversive group there), a planet in the Lyra system, the Hyades, and a single base on the surface of Venus physical-plane that is protected from the environmentally technology. This information coincides favorable with much information from people who claimed they were taken on board Pleiadean craft around the world the last 30 years. The blonde aliens reportedly, according to former government sources of secret information who believe in leaking it out incognito, offered Presidents Eisenhower and other world leaders, in separate top secret meetings, ADVICE ON how to stop pollution, disease, war, crime, political corruption, and other planetary disasters and subversions, IF we would destroy all nuclear weapons and programs, eliminate all polluting fuels and devices, alter our money system to a fair barter system, and take their advice to create a government based on love for all humanity and selfless service instead of personal greed, power, fame, and manipulation. One of these secret meetings reportedly occurred at a reported Air Force base in Florida in the early 1950s and another in the Pentagon in 1959, which I have inside information concerning from the man who claimed he was in the middle of this contact, and who I interviewed. The friendly blond aliens reportedly warned Eisenhower about the dangerous grey aliens who were then trying to make a treaty with the Pentagon. However, Eisenhower and his secret MJ-12 UFO GOVERNMENT CONTACT COMMITTEE reportedly rejected the friendly blond aliens because they refused to give away technology and the greys offered to give the Pentagon technology. The reported Top Secret Pentagon files, which we saw copies of, explain MJ-12 made the treaty with the greys from Orion(star Betelguese) instead(planet Tyrantor), which William Cooper has been documenting and exposing in his lectures to us here on Maui and elsewhere. (Cooper was a top official in Naval Intelligence in she 1970s when he claims he read all of this secret government contact data in Top Secret files and was sworn by oath not to reveal it to the public. He also saw a huge machine arise from Underwater and lift into the air while stationed on the submarine Tirus, and the witnesses in the crew were also sworn to secrecy and all threatened with severe repercussions. When Bill Cooper decided to expose what he new because it bothered his consciousness, his leg was shot off and he was nearly beaten to death by government agents. I was also personally told about the Pleiadeans contacts by former Commander Mark Huber, also from Naval Intelligence, who reported UFO data to the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency! He told me ALL the same details as Cooper did in a separate conversation in 1990. Huber detailed the contacts between both the greys from Orion and the Pleiadeans, and told us all about how he personally had been contacted by the Orions and the Pleiadeans, in separate incidents, and taken on board the spacecraft of both alien nations. His information matches what I got from other former intelligence agents and civilians who said they were contact who had absolutely no government experience. I ask you to draw your own conclusions. Now I will tell you about my own personal experience in these reported top secret government official contacts with alien beings and alien nations, right here on Maui, and also in California. The following is exactly reprinted from a clipped out newspaper report TV authored here on Maui in 1989" Gabriel Green took over the Department of Interplanetary Affairs in 1973 and I took over the Department of the Universe. Xian now had Green's UFO INTERNATIONAL magazine at its planetary centers and offices around the world, and many Xians monthly read the interplanetary news reports. In 1973 we visited Greener headquarters in California, where we saw the biggest UFO library and photo file I have ever seen before or since. It was full of dozens of clear glossy photos of disc, saucers. Department of Interplanetary Affairs had been investigating reports of UFO activity over Maui, when an official in charge of a United Nations UFO investigation and contact mission walked in my door! The visitor was assistant to President of the General Assembly of the United Nations Adam Malik, was doing research for the president, and was an official Diplomat in the General Assembly of the U.N. We silently wondered if we could obtain the secrets of the saucers from this (ultra high level international government investigation). What unfolded may have been the most incredible news story I ever had heard as an investigative reporter! The President of the United Nations wanted my UFO research and we wanted the cover-up that so many former military intelligence agents claimed to be true! So I offered to trade the UFO investigative official, Farida Iskiovet, our Maui UFO files for what 'THEY KNEW' about the secrets of UFOs. After being told by Farida that the government cover-ups are REAL, as we exchanged information, we were told an incredible account. According to this U.N. ambassador from Indonesia, an extraterrestrial spacecraft had landed in the California desert in March of 1971. Farida was present, hiking with the famous 1960s rock & blues star Johnny Rivers, who had number one hits like Secret Agent Man and Poor Side of Town, etc. Farida stated that the UFO landed nearby. The two cautiously approached when a humanoid being suddenly emerged from the craft. The being made a universal peace sign and then spoke clearly in English. The alien reportedly told Farida that this planet had once been a member of an interplanetary type of United Nations of Planets, with a council consisting of ambassadors from different planets. Our planet, however, had been expelled for warfare and numerous violations of Interplanetary law (or Universal Law). The extraterrestrial then added that Earth was rapidly evolving toward its own space age of interplanetary travel and contact, and if the government of the Planet Earth(United Nations) succeeded in outlawing war, eliminating the causes of pollution, and accepting interplanetary law, and transforming into a more spiritual society on a global level, the Confederation would re-admit Earth in the next century and aid us in our spiritual evolution through advisory aid. However, there is a Universal Law that no planet is allowed to intervene in the affairs of another planet without being invited by the government of that planet, so they approached the United Nations. (We have details on how this confederation reportedly failed to make any agreements with the Soviet and United States governments in the 1950s, which then refused to give up their power, nuclear arsenals, materialistic priorities, and polluting industries in the deal). The alien ambassador asked Farida to represent their goals for Planet Earth in the General Assembly, and try to get a seat in the U.N. for an ambassador from another planet in the Confederation! In exchange, Farida could represent the Earth in their council on the Capital Planet. Farida Iskiovet then was overwhelmed by this offer, and took it to the President of the U.N. to try to talk him into it. Adam Malik, according to Farida, accepted the alien proposal and decided to try to implement it in the United Nations agenda! The extraterrestrial claimed he was based on the planet we call Mars. Our research then contained numerous reports of underground cities and bases on Mars, below the surface protected from the atmosphere outside inside huge domes containing artificial air-conditioned atmospheres. The underground complex, according to people who claimed to have contacted other representatives from Mars, were connected by tunnels and subways, had underground mining and manufacturing industries, and greenhouse agriculture. Even NASA officials admitted there was a huge amount of water and oxygen trapped below the surface of Mars. Mars was reportedly colonized by races from other planets and the current civilization there consisted of colonies rather than a native civilization. (For the details and the proof of life on Mars, read the volume CIVILIZATIONS ON MARS AND THE MOON, in this series). Farida reported that Adam Malik took this proposal to the United Nations where it was vetoed by the Security Council which was controlled by the CIA/CFR/KGB/INTERPOL/ILLUMINATI complex detailed in my volume. The security council was then so involved in economic and military control contrary to the alien intentions that they rejected it without allowing the public news media at the meeting. The spiritual planetary council form of government offered by the Confederation, with a global fair barter economy, non-polluting energy, and love on a universal bases was a big threat to the powers that financed the United Nations(and created it too) like oil and war industries, etc.). (Note that the former Secretary General of the United Nations, U Thant, publicly stated that the biggest issues facing the world then were UFOs and Vietnam.) How could we verify this account? Several months later Johnny Rivers visited Maui separately from Farida, and some of my associates spoke to the singer who told them this incident really happened. Some of my friends, including one who was silenced by the FBI, said they spoke to Adam Malik himself in Honolulu in 1972 and he told them the incident actually happened! Adam Malik was in contact with my department via mail and he claimed in writing it occurred. However, we well knew that if he went public with this conspiracy he could easily be assassinated like another United Nations official, Frank Metwa, reportedly was that year for trying to publicly reveal this secret. I received a letter from Brain Johannes, who was an agent of Xian International, an agency I was a director of that was attempting to contact extraterrestrials to try to create an Interplanetary New World Order. Our Department of Interplanetary Affairs was one of 14 departments in Xian International. Johannes claimed that Metwa was found murdered in a New York apartment with a document on his body about forming a new world order based on aid from extraterrestrials, which he intended to expose to the media. Brian Johannes, the Xian agent with this report, was a member of the United Nations Association. The letter closed by warning me and my agents that our lives were in danger if we tried to expose the same information that Metwa held. To add evidence to this incredible news story, Farida Iskiovet met my brother Fred, who was a distinguished newspaper reporter assigned to cover President Nixon at the Western White House. Fred's articles appeared in major newspapers and magazines and he was an award winning journalist. My brother also met with Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger at the Western Whitehouse that year. Fred, another Xian agent, and myself met Farida in San Clemente, and then we traveled to Los Angeles County to meet some of the famous UFO contactees and other key individuals. On that trip, Farida showed me newspaper clippings from Japan in both English and Japanese, that detailed how flying saucers had been arranged to fly in formation over Japan by Farida, to prove the reality of this contact. Iskiovet reportedly arranged to have the spaceships appear in exact certain places at certain times before Japanese national television and newspapers, and they did just that to prove the reality of the connection. The Japanese, during the 1970s, did not censor UFO contact information at the extreme levels in the United States. They also showed the video documentary of the Pleiadean connection mentioned in this volume on national television, which did not occur in America. This evidence was too impressive to ignore. My brother Fred put the story of Farida and the United Nations UFO connection on the front page of the daily San Clemente Sun/Post newspaper, which was amazing in famous ultraconservative Orange County where I had always regarded the media ultraconservative. I don't know how he got away with it. Farida's United Nations alien contact mission also broke on the front page of the major daily Arizona Republic newspaper...a state newspaper, in 1971(I read this article yet cannot recall its date). So what happened to Farida, and why did they tell us all of this? I personally published the story in the LAHAINA SUN newspaper! one of Maui's two major newspapers then, and also recounted it live on Channel 7 television...knowing I could be risking my life. Farida reported great frustration at trying to deal with the United Nations powerblock and censorship, and believed in the spiritual mission of these E.T.s after being overwhelmed by the intensity of the incident. So Farida told us at a meeting on Maui, "The only hope is to work with you people the people of the new age, who have spiritual goals." Farida added a preference to helping Xian, because we were attempting to set up a Planetary Council to co-ordinate peace movements, ecology movements, and organizations and individuals working together to "help humanity solve its problems and evolve into a future golden age". We already had 100 people in the Planetary Council in 1972, and eventually they came from many different nations and races...all working together in harmony. Xians goals were to evolve toward a planetary economy of barter, a planetary language, and work together in peace without barriers caused by national borders and religious and racial discrimination which Farida said was exactly what these alien ambassadors from the CONFEDERATION wanted the people of Earth to do! However, they were not allowed to force their ways upon Earth people. We had to make the free choice ourselves. They were only here to advise, and would not even offer us technology. All of this blew my mind. Over 50 Xians met Farida on Maui, as well as a dozen more in California, to be told the same story. At a meeting in Napili, Maui, in 1972, at the home of my communications secretary Maureen Maharry, a large UFO appeared outside the window for all to view. Farida exclaimed it was a spaceship. On this visit to California when the news story broke, Farida, Fred, and I visited Gabriel Green, who once was President of the largest civilian UFO organization in the world. With those credentials, I believed Green was the right man to take over the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, which I had founded and directed for over a year. Gabriel Green came to Maui in 1973, resided in my apartment for awhile, and told us how he had personal contacts with visitors from the Confederation during the 1950s and 1960s. He displayed photos of his associate, Bob Renaud, who had a radio technology device that he reportedly used to contact human beings from the planet ????????????????????????????????(sorry can't find this section) lifted up physically by a spacecraft based on Mars, and flown across the United States in only 20 minutes! Fry supplied us with many reported details of life in the Martian complexes and about the propulsion systems of the ships. Some of Dr. Fry's photos are in my volume on Mars and the Moon. (We also received a typed document from Sgt. Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence in Hawaii, about a secret contact between Martian Ambassadors and Soviet President Nikita Kruschev in 1959, after a couple of their ships landed outside of Moscow in a wooded area. There were too many reports of contacts between aliens based on Mars and government officials and scientists for us to ignore, not to mention civilian contactees with hundreds of reports. One of the main reports we reviewed was from Dr. George Hunt Williamson, a famous 1950s anthropologist and archeologist, who had a group who reportedly made radio contact with a Mars-based spacecraft in the California desert in the 1950s. Williamson published two books on these contacts which are no longer available to order. They were among the most impressive we have ever seen, so it is incredible they have been suppressed from the national media. These books contained some incredible documented reports. Green was our department of Interplanetary Affairs contact with Dr. Williamson, who Sgt. Wannall said was on a hit list of 17 civilians the CIA wanted to kill for finding out too much about UFOs and talking too much in the late 1950s. According to Wannall, only Williamson escaped, by hiding out in the Andes with the descendants of the Incas for ten years. Dr. Williamson changed his name to Brother Phillip while living in a monastery up in the Peruvian Andes, where he wrote he discovered very ancient manuscripts detailing contacts between the Incas, other prehistoric Andean societies, and ambassadors based on Mars and Venus over ten thousand years ago and also later! Green supplied us with incredible information on crashed flying saucers the governments had recovered containing dead alien bodies. Green appeared in my brother Fred's front page newspaper article too. It is too bad that most of Green's volumes on extraterrestrial history and contact are not available to the general public today. Most of these books and documents are out-of-print, cannot be ordered, or are just plain suppressed by the governments. Fortunately, some of the key material is now in Lahaina where it was photocopied and filed by Jubal Jax, who was the Maui agent for the Department of Interplanetary Affairs in the late 1970s. Jubal also has a lot of the planet Korendor material, and some rare issues of UFO INTERNATIONAL. We soon learned that when it becomes well-known that a person has detailed UFO photos, files, and contact reports that have not been published, that all kinds of interesting characters begin to knock on your door, phone, and write to you. I found that out first hand. I was visited by former and current government officials, military intelligence agents, NASA SPACE PROGRAM officials, the UNITED NATIONS, and former military and civilian scientists and technicians from secret underground military bases on the mainland who not only told me we had the truth, but they added their own eye-witness testimonials and warned us our lives were in danger if we continued to release it. As long as we released it on Maui we did not have any problems other than being spied upon. Yet when we begin to send our own secret agents around the world releasing this information, and appeared on TV, radio, and in the national and international news medias, we began to get into serious problems. In addition to the aforementioned murders, disappearances, and harassment, a report from New Zealand in 1977 led me to drop out of the public eye. I had appointed Phyllis Dixon, a woman in her 70s and a leading UFO expert in New Zealand, to direct Xian activities in the Southern hemisphere and represent the Department of Interplanetary Affairs there. She had a lot of our research published, and sent us a lot of shocking information that had been censored out of the U.S. news media, yet was published in Australia and New Zealand. In 1977, Mrs. Dixon wrote to me stating that she had been attacked in her apartment by small humanoid alien beings, who totally paralyzed her with a ray-gun. They physically entered her room at night. She nearly died and barely lived through this traumatic event, after they unsuccsessfully tried to abduct her. We have the details on an escape technique she used that are too long to review in this volume. I have used it myself and it worked. The aliens, according to this report, may have been the greys or their allies. I realized if it could happen to associates it could happen to me too. That is one reason I left the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, as well as the Department of the Universe(although I continued to attend the meetings and review the reports). Some type of a powerful alien being attacked me in the middle of the night, in 1974, up in the Iao Valley, on Maui. I was camping out alone by a stream, which I frequently did to escape all the stress with my heavy work load then. The being paralyzed me and I could not move, and I felt strongly it attempted to abduct me. I resisted violently and it let me go(these entities prefer passive resistance). I don't know where it came from, who sent it, or what it represented. I have concluded it wanted to eliminate me from my mission of exposing the hidden truths on UFOs and helping the Xians. I have read hundreds of similar cases to the one I experienced. Too many details match to ignore. I am sure it was an alien abduction attempt, theoretically related to the activities of the greys or the Sirians. In regard to the underground bases in the United States, many are reportedly top secret treaty joint-bases with the Secret Government(CIA/MJ-12/CFR/.ILLUMINATI/ etc. and the grey aliens from the alien nation and star wars evil empire reportedly based on a planet orbiting the star Betelguese in the Orion Constellation. This was the top secret treaty between the Pentagon and the Greys outlined in earlier pages, and William Cooper came to Maui in 1991 with his video footage that his hiking expedition shot of the base in Nevada that the government officially denied existed! It is of no public map either. Cooper also showed video footage, shot from a mountain near that base near Groom Lake, of UFO activity over the secret test zone. Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse contains all the documentation and details he obtained while in Naval Intelligence, as a commander in a briefing team, as well as his personal interviews with the former military officials who were witnesses to the bases and the alien activity associated with these top secret constructions. Before I ever met William Cooper, I was told all about these bases by 4 former Army Intelligence agents, including one who worked in one in Colorado who later managed a restaurant in Napili, Maui. He invited me to a free dinner in his fine restaurant and spilled out the details. I obviously cannot spill the names of these "leaks" for their own security. In 1990, 2 scientists from one of these secret underground bases visited my home in Lahaina and told me about how they had been inside. They showed me the Alternative 3 video footage of the top secret activity on Mars, the same video footage that Cooper showed us on Maui. It is essential that you read my volume on Mars and the Moon to understand the staggering conspiracy of the underground bases in the United States, on the Moon, and on Mars! There is no space in this volume. Alternative 3 details the evidence of bases on the Moon, Mars, and Earth controlled by the Greys from Orion or Zeta, or both. I did not learn about this until reading the extremely suppressed Alternative 3 volume in 1976, a heavily demanded study that should be a big money-maker to a publisher...yet cannot be re-printed or re-published and sold in book stores because it is one of the most heavily suppressed news stories in the history of the world! this volume blew my mind. I could scarcely believe anything that incredible until those two scientists showed the video taped evidence, then Cooper arrived on Maui with the same video copy, and then I saw the still photos that Fred Steckling somehow got out of the NASA SPACE PROGRAM taken by Apollo astronauts. So what happened to Farida Iskiovet and the mission for the Confederation, it was all too mysterious. Farida left the United Nations, joined our Department of Interplanetary Affairs, and left on a world mission to expose the truth and bring about the Confederation's agenda. Farida was in frequent communications with us, and one of the last messages was that this United Nations ambassador was offered a ride to the Mars headquarters in a spacecraft as part of the exchange. Suddenly there were no more letters from Farida, and a total blackout on these activities in all media that we had access to. We never heard from our key agent, ever again, after 1974! Why no mail, no phone calls, no visits, and none of our agents in the world could even located Farida? What happened to Adam Malik? His term in the United Nations was rather brief to say the least, then no more publicity we ever saw ever came in. I was in charge of the Xian Intelligence Agency for 3 years and was unable to locate anymore reports on Malik or Farida., in spite of the fact my international sources were so thorough and up-to-date that important men from all around the world came into my office seeking economic and political advice, and I knew nearly everything that William Cooper exposed on Maui in 1991 back in 1972 to 1977. Was Farida taken to the secret greys alien base on Mars as a diplomat or was it an abduction? According to Alternative 3, if you go to Mars nearly everyone never returns. That keeps the secret from getting out. Or was Farida brought back and silenced? One thing is for sure. Farida Iskiovet and Adam Malik were involved in a huge important international project that suddenly went silent. Farida and Dr. Frank Stranges(President of the National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects) offered to take me to a top secret underground alien base, in Nevada, in December 1974. I could have gone. I declined the offer. Farida agreed to go, and I never heard from that agent of my department ever again. And who was this mysterious Dr. Frank Stranges, who wrote a little-known book called Stranger at the Pentagon, which I have read yet have never found in any chain book store anywhere in the world, or on any news rack. I visited this rather officer looking man, who wore dark suits and glasses. I was shown to his Van Nuys residence by Farida in 1974, and was accompanied by my reporter brother Fred, as well as Philip Gieger, who was then Director of Xian Intelligence. Dr. Frank Stranges said that a flying disc from a base on Venus landed in a remote area outside of Washington D.C. in 1959, a pilot emerged, and was arrested by state police(for being an illegal alien?). The pilot was taken to the Pentagon, where he was confined to a secret room underground and interrogated by Dr. Frank Stranges. The pilot claimed to represent the Interplanetary Confederation helping Earth(the same confederation Farida reported contacting). The pilot identified himself as Valiant Thor(better known as Val Thor). Dr. Stranges amazed us by showing us clear glossy photos of Val Thor). He also showed us clear glossy photos of flying saucers that were so clear in detail and so close-up they were as good as the latest automobiles in the ads in Newsweek magazine). The Dr. told us that President Eisenhower and Nixon met the alien ambassador, who offered to advise the United States government on the solutions to pollution, disease, and other major problems IF the government would eliminate all nuclear weapons, outlaw war, eliminate all polluting fuels, and adopt a spiritual form of council for a government. Eisenhower was offered a ride in Thor's spacecraft, which he turned down because the Pentagon feared abduction. The President reportedly rejected Thor's offer saying it would collapse the United States economy, cause massive panic, and shock the nation's religions and social values with alien beliefs that were too shocking for the American people. Ike allegedly told the alien to come back in 100 years when the American society will be more ready for such a radical change. Dr. Stranges said that the alien offered the Pentagon his space suit to prove the superiority of his technology, and that military experts were unable to even put a scratch on it with machine gun fire, laser weapons, a diamond drill, liquid acid, or any other weapon. It was indestructible. Stranges also said he witnessed that the alien's fingerprints were taken after he was arrested and booked, and he had NO FINGERPRINTS. He refused to give away any technology, so was arrested and locked in a room underground in the Pentagon. He reportedly escaped via teleportation to his spaceship. Dr. Stranges added that several months later he was kidnapped in Nevada by 3 mysterious Men in Black, dressed like sinister government agents, and taken in a black limo out in the desert for an apparent assassination. Shortly before the attempt on his life, a spacecraft landed in the highway and stopped the car by blocking the highway. Val Thor pointed some kind of a device at the Men in Black that vaporized them instantly! Then he took off. Sounds like Star Wars come true? The Dr. reported that Thor later contacted Senator Robert Kennedy before he was assassinated, and was operating out of the base in Nevada that he offered to take me to that year. If I had gone would I have returned? That big question haunts me to this very day. I have talked to former military intelligence officials who told me that the incident in the Pentagon that Stranges spoke of really did occur. They said it is one of the biggest secrets in the world. In 1972, when I was the director of the Department of Interplanetary Affairs, I received a rare volume called Venusian Secret Science, detailing how a person can contact pilots of Venusian based spacecraft using telolith crystals, an insignia the pilots recognize and wear on their uniforms, and a form of telepathy called mentavision and telethought. The volume also contained great details about the way people live in a Venusian city. This may sound impossible after the NASA SPACE PROGRAM HAS LIED TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE ATMOSPHERE OF VENUS. HOWEVER, THE DETAILS IN THIS VOLUME PERFECTLY MATCHED DETAILS IN THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT UFO INVESTIGATION AND CONTACT REPORT....PROJECT MAGNET, authored by the great Canadian scientist Wilburt B. Smith. We had a rare copy of Dr. Smith's Project Magnet report, detailing secret contacts between Canadian scientists, Project Magnet, and pilots based on Venus. Michael Barton had never heard or the Project Magnet report when he authored Venusian Secret Science in 1959, which we once had copies of, yet it is totally out of print and the information is heavily suppressed. Michael Barton X wrote he was contacted by a landed space disc, based on Venus, in the hills behind Santa Barbara. The incredible fact is that his details of the pilots, spaceships, and Venusian life are too similar to Val Thor material to ignore, and far too similar to Project Magnet scientific government files. These details also matched a document given to us in 1972 by Sgt . Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence, in Honolulu, after he claimed he was personally taken aboard a Venusian spacecraft in the 1950s, when the Venusians reportedly had 77 secret agents disguised as Earth men on missions walking the streets of the United States! Michael Barton's volume on Venus, even today, are the most impressive research I believe I had ever read on aliens. If you think nobody can live on Venus, remember that a race reportedly 18 million years AHEAD OF US IN SCIENCE could easily build air-conditioned underground domes with artificial atmospheres, protected by force-fields, and totally protected from any hostile atmosphere that anyone tells you exists there. These saucers are protected by these force-fields so that temperatures of 360 below zero in outer-space and meteor impact and deadly cosmic rays do not harm these pilots. These force fields have disintegrated the most powerful guided missiles launched by the Soviet Air Force and NATO. NO WEAPON LAUNCHED BY ANY EARTH GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN ABLE TO PENETRATE THESE FORCE-FIELDS WHICH THEY CAN PROTECT THEIR BASES WITH ON ANY HOSTILE PLANETARY ATMOSPHERE. These pilots reportedly resemble us in appearance only. Their skin is of a far different biological molecular consistency than ours designed to another atmosphere that would kill us, and their atomic structure is far less dense than ours. In reverse, our atmosphere is deadly to these pilots, and they can only walk in it without a space suit after going through a teleportation machine that reassembles their atoms to withstand our environment. Please read my volume on Venus to learn how they operate there, and the evidence that the NASA AGENCY and Pentagon has lied to the American people about the temperature and atmosphere on Venus, with abundant proof and contradictions. They do not want you to know there is a space base there. We think Venus may be a colony of the Pleiades. In February 1972 we decided to use the Venusian Secret Science in an experiment to learn if the Department of Interplanetary Affairs really could contact Venusian pilots who could give us advice on how to form our Interplanetary New World Order. I must admit I was a bit skeptical then. We began by using the Xian Intelligence Agency to obtain rare telolith crystals. Then the Department of Cosmic Art had the Venusian insignia embroidered on our clothing and painting on top of our staff car. We began using the telolith, and immediately all of the agents involved in this project reported seeing UFOs every night, formations hovering over or near our office in Lahaina, and following the car. The climax came the night we had the largest public meeting on UFOs we ever had in the 1970s on Maui. The crystals, insignia, and telothot were used at the meeting by a capacity crowd, and a whole formation of UFOs was reported overhead. Nearly everyone I interviewed at that meeting said they were convinced the objects were Spaceships." UFOs or the objects were "spaceships." Many witnesses along Front Street saw the objects and we were flooded with reports from people all over Lahaina, including my father. Two Xian agents using the Venusian Secret Science, Paul Groover and Nick, said they were driving that staff car and a saucer shaped craft came down within 25 feet of their car on the road to Haleakala Crater. Rodney Sumpter, an Australian in charge of Xian in the Southern Hemisphere then, also borrowed the staff car with the emblem on the roof and said he had a UFO encounter on Haleakala. Shortly after I began using the Venusian Secret Science, I was alone when I was approached by an extremely good looking man with shoulder length golden blond hair, who claimed to be the pilot of the Venusian spaceship orbiting over Maui. He told me he had just piloted his craft on a journey around the Sun before being assigned to a mission on Earth. He was sent to contact the Department of Interplanetary Affairs and offer advice to the Xians on how to manifest a golden age, yet he gave no commands or orders. Everything was voluntary. I took him to meet directors in the Xian Planetary Council and the Department of Interplanetary Affairs. He spent 3 months on Maui secretly meeting with individuals who were working full-time, without pay, for Xian on missions to help humanity. He refused to let us identify him to anyone without his permission, was mostly incognito, and attended many of our public meetings without revealing who he was to the general audience. He physically resembled the Venusian pilots described in the Canadian government scientific Project Magnet report, as well as by Michael X Barton. He was so good looking that many Maui women who saw him around the island tried to swoop on him yet he consistently refused to get involved with any of them, stating he was here only on an important interplanetary diplomatic mission. Was he really from Venus? When the United Nations diplomat Farida Iskiovet, who investigated UFOs for the President of the U.N. met this man on Maui in 1972, at a meeting I personally arranged, the results startled me. Farida said this person really was from Venus and they knew about him! Another man who agreed he was really from Venus was Major Wayne S. Aho, formerly of Army Intelligence, who claimed to investigate UFOs for the Pentagon. Major Aho came to Maui in 1972, and told me he had personally been contacted by a landed Venusian spaceship in the Mojave Desert on May 11, 1957. I arranged a meeting between this mysterious visitor and Major Aho, and the Major agreed he was a real Venusian pilot. Some of Major Aho's claims about cosmic things were so far out that I could not relate to them and found it hard to believe. Maybe I was too narrow-minded and truth is stranger than fiction. Some of us thought Aho was just too far out, even though he was very straight looking, dressed conservatively, and could get very diplomatic and serious. It was his New Age Foundation which had really far out goals and his preoccupation with telepathic contact with aliens that some of us thought was way out there and hard to swallow. He claimed to be given a mission by Venusians in 1957 and we thought it had gone to his head with excessive ego. However, in spite of all of that, there is one thing serious and very real about Major Aho I will never ever forget. William Cooper told me that he thought Major Aho was kind of a kook and B.S.r. Then why is it that 19 years before I ever met William Cooper...Major Aho told me basically all the same details about the SECRET GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY AND ITS HISTORY, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, THE ILLUMINATE crashed saucers and alien bodies at military bases, secret underground bases across the mainland, the secret CIA and Pentagon drug-trade, the secret concentration camps, and all the main stuff Cooper himself has been trying so hard to expose? How many of you knew all that stuff in early 1972? Well, I did for one, and I first learned it from Major Aho! He came over to the office of Xian Intelligence one day, and played us a tape of the entire history of the conspiracy of the New World Order with all the organizations, key players, and structure Cooper exposed 2 decades later. Aho also told us about the secret government contacts with the aliens arid the conspiracy against our health Cooper exposed. In spite of what Cooper says about Major Aho and his far out theories, I will be forever grateful to that man for detailing 19 years before I met Cooper just about everything Cooper tried to teach me at an all day seminar that costs most people 45 bucks or more a hit. Cooper's nook was old news to us from Xian Intelligence in 1972. It had some updates, but we had most of these from our Department of the Galaxy that replaced the Department of Interplanetary Affairs in 1976. One night in early 1972, Paul, Nick, and I were sitting on a table in Lahaina in a deserted lot long after midnight, when a pulsating light appeared overhead. They both exclaimed it was a spaceship. I didn't know what it was, but the man who said he was from Venus casually looked up and said...."that is my ship." There were several interesting inexplicable events that took place with that visitor on Maui, and these are detailed in my other volume on Venus, so read it if you want the details. I also tracked down the mysterious Michael X who wrote the VENUSIAN SECRET SCIENCE. Gabriel Green knew that man well, yet warned me Michael had been silenced. I believed it when I talked to Michael X on the telephone. He and his wife seemed paranoid to talk about alien activities. They were friendly but kept changing the subject to less controversial news. They seemed reluctant to talk about aliens to our department, which I admit was a bit dangerous. In 1953 a Venusian spaceship reportedly landed in a remote desert in Nevada, and 3 extraterrestrial emerged, including a Venusian pilot, a representative from a Mars base, and a Venusian woman named Onec, who had been trained on Venus for a mission to Earth. One of the aliens had a brand new Cadillac car waiting at the landing site, and whisked the beautiful woman off on her incognito mission for the next few decades. On Saturday, May 11, 1991, the following news release appeared in the serious factual GLOBAL NEWS section of the major state daily newspaper in Hawaii THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER; 'UFO CONVENTION GETS SPEAKER FROM VENUS.' Now the GLOBAL section is mainly devoted to hard-core international news events. It does not print fiction or editorials or theories. It is reputed for factual news coverage. I was amazed to read the article which stated in part..."Omnec Onec, who landed here from Chicago, says life on her native planet Venus isn't all that different from life on Earth. It's like the desert areas here. It's amazing how adaptable the human species is", said Onec, one of 30 speakers from 14 countries. Onec, who in her Earth life lives in Chicago and is known as Sheila Gipson, said she is from Teutonia, Venus. "I lowered my vibrations to be able to come to planet Earth," etc. In 1990 the Xian High Council managed to locate Onec in Chicago, and two Xians, Romeo and Dean, had extensive conversations and experiences with her. Romeo claims he admits to witnessing her perform what seem to be psychic miracles, and she has made spacecraft appear before witnesses in the desert. Romeo spent a long time with her and said that extreme emotional situations did not bother her at all. Yet most interesting is when Mark Huber, a former commander in Naval Intelligence, who is the leading UFO expert I believe I have ever met in my life, said he personally met this Venusian immigrant. He was totally convinced she was really a Venusian who landed in that spaceship in 1955 on a mission. And this man is the same man who reported UFO data to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency! I spoke to this "Venusian" In book she has the history of Venus, its culture, their beliefs and lifestyle, and their interplay with Earth. It is fascinating. I also have a copy of the painting she did of the Venusian city of Teutonia where she reported she was raised as a child, which accompanied the book that is not available to the general public. At this printing, the Department of Interplanetary Affairs and the Xian agency is in contact with Onec, and involved in a project to bring her to Maui to meet certain people. William Cooper also met Onec. Unlike everyone else I talked to who met her, he is skeptical. He told me he thinks she is from a failing modeling career trying to get rich off her book. However, the facts indicate that theory is false. Xian did an extensive investigation of Onec, and teamed she places almost no value on money. She is more likely to give away or lose what money she has than try to get rich. Her life on Earth has been devoted to helping people without pay. Her book was available nearly 20 years ago yet she never marketed it! Romeo said she took no interest in selling her very own book, and just stashed it away. I got a copy only with great difficulty. I admire Cooper for getting so many facts on the conspiracy as a top investigative reporter, yet he doesn't always do in—depth homework investigating everybody, and certainly not her. I interviewed people who have known her well for decades who paint a different picture than Cooper did. Cooper also believes NASA lies about the atmospheres of Mars and Moon yet not Venus. Well, we have compared all their contradictory scientifically impossible statements about Venus too, uncovering lies that anyone with a truly scientific approach can discover. You can read it in my Venus volume. Bill needs to do some more homework on Venus like he did on Mars. Cooper did go into great detail about crashed saucers and dead alien bodies stored in secret rooms at military bases and in tile Pentagon. Documentaries on this have been televised nationally since 1987, and if you missed these convincing news stories you are paying much attention to what is going on. This has leaked out. I first heard about one of these crashes on the six o'clock news in California in 1973. In 1977 I got a job teaching surfing at a Lahaina dive shop, and the man selling all the activities there was a Bill English from the NASA SPACE PROGRAM. It didn't take Mr. English long to recognize who I was, and we got into a heavy conversation. He said he was the main official photographer for the APOLLO astronauts who went to the Moon, and that he was with some of the Moon astronauts on a NASA mission when they all saw a mechanical spaceship they believed was alien, and he photographed it. Of course, NASA kept the photos and covered it all up. English told me that all the astronauts he talked to said privately they saw alien spacecraft on the Moon and on the way to the Moon.(see my volume on the Moon and Mars for detailed evidence and photos). English also told me he had personally photographed a crashed recovered alien saucer with dead humanoid bodies in a secret Air Force hanger in Texas. There have been over a dozen well-documented saucer crash incidents, and the best research easily available is from expert researcher Leonard Stringfield, who has personally interviewed hundreds of separate witnesses from around the nation, who all talked incognito for fear of punishment. Others revealed their identities and among them were those who vanished afterwards. [Image] crashed saucers and dead alien bodies In September 1988 some crashes were documented on Maui on TV, and another television documentary was aired in November 1991 on Maui. So many witnesses are talking the government can no longer cover this up! One of these crashes in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, leaked out in the news for one day before it was covered up before It went national. Major Jesse Marcel investigated the wreckage, was forced to lie it was a weather balloon, and silenced. However, shortly before he died in the 1980s(or was he assassinated?), he broke the true story of the crash and dead alien bodies on the national television documentaries. Since that exposure many other witnesses came out of the closet and talked to Cooper, Stringtield, and many other researchers, including our associates. They found unknown hieroglyphics, indestructible metal as thin as cellophane, mysterious weed that would not burn, and strange creatures that I detail in my other volumes. Maui UFO investigator John August, who I exchange research with, confirmed this incident in 1988, when he got the Missing links other investigators had sought and referred to by Major Marcel himself. August identified the pilot who flew the remains from the Roswell crash from New Mexico to the famous Hanger 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, long suspected by Senator Bany Goldwater as housing dead aliens and crashed saucers. A Maui resident told August that her father, Captain O.W. Henderson, flew the retrieved spaceship in a B-29 bomber, and that the aliens were little people with exceptionally large heads. Henderson was with the elite 509th bomber squadron at Roswell then. August was shown a copy of the letter of commendation to Henderson for an excellent job on his crashed saucer mission, from Commanding General of the Army Air Force then Carl Spats, forwarded to Colonel William Blanchard. Leading crashed UFO expert Leonard Stringfield, of the MUFON Investigative organization, verified this witness by phoning her himself. Henderson's wife told Stringfield that her husband faithfully kept the secret even to HER FROM 1947 to 1981! He then told her, "I have been dying to tell you for years but couldn't. IT WAS TOP SECRET." BY STEVE OMAR / S. EN MAR FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF INTERPLANETARY AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT OF THE GALAXY XIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY/MIND INTERNATIONAL MAUI AGENT FOR THE NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS MAUI AGENT FOR AFSCA, formerly the largest UFO organization in the United States