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If by some fucked up reason you've ended up here, chances are you're bored or you're bored. Anyway, for all you oldschool #mmf kids, there's a LiveJournal community starting up for us. You need to get your asses over there&join! If this is some random kid that's never spoken to me in this lifetime, then don't bother, because none of us care who you are. Well, maybe someone will care. I wont though. Now get your asses over here! :P

#mmf community

#marilyn_manson_freaks is the psychotic hangout of "freaks" from 'round da world. You can find it located on the DALnet server of IRC. This page is dedicated to all the sops, aops and dedicated regulars of this channel. You'll find pix, info and all dat other shit on dis here page. So put up your Docs, light up a cig and enjoy your stay.

Oh yeah, if you think you belong here, e-mail me with the following info : online name, real name, age, gender, location, likes, dislikes, how long have u been coming here and/or been an op, spit or swallow, homepage, picture & anything else yer little heart desires that I feel like putting up ;) Or you can mail me if you have questions/comments about the page or anything.


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