News for week of August 18-24th
August 22cd
Tales From A public domain will be on at Sunday 6:30 central And then at 7 will be beyond blunder dome.

August 21st
No news just of yet.

August 20th
No Simpsons News just that the next Sunday episode is The Bluder Years
I made a few changes to USS on the graphics of the bottons so its starting to look like a better site already.

August 19th
Simpsons with no ink-the Simpsons usally color there animation cels with ink and paint but now they will be color ditatalised so no more ink and painted cels.
All of the side bar links are updated, I will try to have a review page and some other cool stuff such as graphic bottons, and also same backgrounds for all of the pages.
For all of you futurama fans out there I will be makings a seperate page for that since Futurama is one of my favorite shows.
A merchandise page will maybe coming in the future as well.

August 18th
         I just got a new look for USS and im working on up dating all of my bottons. Email me if you want to become an affilite. My email is

My review of Simpsons Second Season DVD's
click here if you want to see the review and maybe a few screenshots.

A good episode of Simpsons were on it was Hunka Hunka Burns in Love guest staring Julia-Luis Dryfuis. Im giving it a B-
Next episode is The Bluder Years
Homer is Hypnotised and he recalls a horrific part of his child hood watch the show to know what it was!.!
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