A Jumo 213 E-1 Engine is on display at the Champlin Fighter Museum at Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Doug Champlin acquired it from an automobile collector in California in 1982.

The engine would have been identical to that fitted to the NASM Ta 152 H-0. The attraction of the Champlin engine is that it is completely exposed.

Merrick in his book German Aircraft Interiors mentions that it is possible that the Champlin engine came from Ta 152 H-1 W.Nr 150167. Comparison to a contemporary photo of 150167 would support this in terms of the general paint application and the scratches to the paint. In these photos (and others published) the colour of the remaining front engine cowling looks like RLM 75 Grauviolet. However, Jerry Crandall has compared actual colour chips with the cowlings and concluded that they were originally painted in Dark Green, which has faded over the years.

On the engine and the supercharger you can see the number E1-216. This is the engine's Werk Number. It is also stamped on the dataplate and the engine block itself, just below the dataplate.

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The Jumo 213 E-1 Engine
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