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One Mothers Treasures
I started this website with the intention of giving my famly and friends something to more or less remember me by. I wanted to let them know just how special each and everyone of them are to me.
When I started building my site, I knew absolutely nothing about websites or even computers. I did fortunately know how to turn it on, and that was all. I struggled along the best I could, going from one place to another and leaving because I couldn't make head nor tails of the HTML editors.
I stopped for about a week and then decided to try once more. It was just so important to me that I did this. It was as if I were driven. It was that day I came across Geocities. Everything seemed to connect. They made it so easy to get the very first page done and online.
My site has grown so much since that day, almost by leaps and bounds. Two guestbooks and HTML and PSP courses and many, many pages later, I can finally say I did it. Just look at me now, I have many beautiful awards, some applied for, most not, I am a Heartland Community Leader  a PSP Instructor and an HTML Instructor, who would have thought.
Lets see now, a little of who I am seems to be in order. I am Ginny, a child of God, wife, Mother and grandmother. I love Butterflies and rainbows,  carousels, and of course jelly beans.
This beautiful jar of Jelly Beans was made for me by a former student. Thank you so much Jan. I love them.
Being a little vain, like most women, I have to show off a few of my accomplishments. So sit back, prop your feet up, grab some coffee or tea, or maybe a soda and come with me on a trip down memory lane.
This little Angel was made for me to watch over my site. She is very special to me, as her creator is now resting with the angels. Please don't take her. Thank you.