Flying over the Andes

I was hoping that we would be flying on a small prop plane barely creeping over the peaks of the Andes.  Instead it was a 737 jetliner.  Mostly cloudy but caught a bit of a clearing.

Landed in Iquitos, stepped out into the humid, oxygen-rich, greenhouse-musky jungle air.  The air alone is worth the trip.  As in Lima, the Lodge had it's people waiting for us.  A quick trip in a mini-van to a dock and onto a small mostly enclosed boat for a run up the rivers.  Lunch served on board.  The Amazon is a huge, wide river -- a few thousand twisty miles upstream from the ocean.  Some day I must visit the 200 mile wide mouth of the Amazon.  As it was we sped up the river marveling at the sights:
Views of the Amazon River 

We turned off the Amazon, onto the Tahuayo river.
 We pass water taxies carrying people and supplies up and down the rivers:

We see an open motorboat coming towards us, carrying what appear to be Yankee tourists.  Both boats cut their engines and meet up, drifting mid river.  The tourists scramble onto our boat, followed by their luggage.  We get on the smaller boat.  The boat from Iquitos heads back towards Iquitos, the boat we met heads back to the Lodge.  Very strange -- but I guess transfering from one boat to another mid stream is nothing unusual in the Amazon.  About 45 minutes later we arrive at the Tahuayo Lodge.