Robert -- fearless native guide.

As with most trips we start off up/down the river past native huts.

We see a tree that is the home of a colony of spiders.

We pull to the shore and get out.  We see the boat of the last party that attempted this trail.

The trail leads into the jungle.  A pleasant trail at first, but one that starts to get boggy as we get further in.  The mosquitos are not in clouds, but it is a good thing we have our DEET lotion to keep them away.

David gingerly tries to avoid the worst of the boggy trail.

We spot a tarantula on a tree.

At the end of the trail is a platform in a tree, about 80 feet off the ground.  It is from here that we can see the elusive hoatzin bird.  We notice a large ant and a spider are sharing the platform with us.

On the way back I tiny caterpillar drops atop Wendy's rain jacket that is wrapped around her waist.  I get it to crawl onto my hat.  I show Wendy, "Look what was crawling on you."  David joins us, "It's probably poisonous."  Robert comes back to see why we stopped, just in time to hear David's remark.  He takes my hat and flings the caterpillar into the jungle.  "Yes."  David responds, " I was only kidding!"

In a field near a house we spot bright red flower/pod things.

Robert takes a piece of stem, chews it into a brush, pokes it into the flower/pod thing and shows up how the natives used to paint themselves.
He also does Wendy.  Note the hat.  Straw hats are excellent in the California Deserts.  In the Amazon the humidity tends to make them sag.