Where we stayed the first night --  Jose Antonio Hotel

Departure was from LAX at one minute past midnight -- they were going to give us every minute they could of our seven days.  A six-hour flight on Copa Airlines to Panama, a dash thru the terminal to the departure gate -- would not have minded a few hours to spend looking at the duty-free shops rather than the scant half hour to go from one gate to the other.  Three more hours to Lima.  As promised there was the lady holding the A&E logo.  She handed us over to driver who took us to the Jose Antonio Hotel in the Miraflores District.

The view of the Miraflores District from our hotel room.  We had an excellent dinner in the hotel restaurant (see link above), a good night's sleep, arose to a light continental breakfast in the same restaurant.  Our driver picked us back up, took us back to the airport where he helped us thru check in and the paying of our departure tax and generally made sure that we could not get lost.

The houses in Lima appear to be somewhat more hostile to visitors than those in Los Angeles.  Note the electric fence surrounding the upper deck.  I found this to be a strange counterpoint to the respect and consideration shown by the drivers to each other.  The traffic flowed smoothly and rapidly with everyone yielding space to everyone else on request but with no one taking space without it first being yielded by another.