(*Traveling Adventurers in Laboratory Science)
The T.A.I.L.S. Team of explorers has been all around the world on a quest for scientific knowledge.  Each issue of Boy's Quest magazine contains a new episode.  Below is a list of the episodes thus far.

Episode #:
1:  "Dino Hunt"  (BQ Mar 01)
2:  "Creatures of the Night!" (BQ May 01)
3:  "Creatures of the Sky" (BQ Jul 01)
4:  "Forest Trek"  (BQ Sept 01)
5:  "Anchors Away!" (BQ Nov 01)
6:  "Frog vs. Toad" (BQ Jan 02)
7:  "Race to the Sea" (BQ Mar 02)
8:  "Hall of Achievers"
9:  "Rattled"
10:  "T.A.I.L.S. Ablaze!"
11:  "Far Away"
12:  "Aragon of Sardo"
13:  "Introducing Mr. Quick"
14:  "The Big Splash"
15:  "When Pirate Bugs Attack"
16:  "Mouse...or Machine?"
17:  "The Disappearance"
18:  "Space Station"
19:  "Cat-astrophe!"
20:  "Tennis Racket"
21.  "On the Trail of the Capybara!"
22.  "To the Rescue!"

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