What attracts you to the show ?

What attracts you to the show ?
The action
The scenery
The romance
The storylines
The beautiful Patrice Martinez
The very handsome Duncan Regehr
All of the above
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Duncan Regehr starred as the Spanish fox in eighty-eight episodes of the 1989-94 series.
The international team of producers included New World Television and the Family Channel in the U. S., Canal Plus in France, Beta TV in Germany and Italy's RAI.
The show was shot outside Madrid with a crew from Spain, England and the U. S.
Patrice Martinez starred as Victoria Escalante, the feisty tavern owner and Zorro's ongoing love interest.
To appeal to the youth market, Zorro's aide became a young orphaned boy named Felipe, played by Juan Diego Botto.
James Victor played the inept but endearing Sergeant Mendoza, a variation on the traditional role of Sergeant Garcia.
The villainous alcalde, Luis Ramone, initially starred Michael Tylo.
In the final season, Tyler was replaced by John Hertzler.
Henry Darrow began the series second season as Diego's father, Alejandro, replacing Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Darrow had previously been the voice of Zorro in the animated Filmation series and played Zorro in the live action comedy series, Zorro and Son.
After the National Education Association (NEA) recommended Zorro for viewing, The Family Channel sponsored the series' airing on Cable in the Classroom.
Alma Burnette, a media specialist in the Covington Independent School District of Kentucky, developed a teachers' guide for ten episodes which the Family Channel disseminated to educators nationwide.
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Who is your favourite cast member ?

Who is your favourite cast member ?
Don Diego
Victoria Escalante
Don Alejandro (by Efrem)
Don Alejandro (by Henry)
Alcalde Luis Ramone
Alcalde Ignatio DeSoto
Sergeant Mendoza
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