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Neal Rosenblum
Emerald Elementary School, Broomfield, CO
Second Grade Teacher, 1999 - Present

Presented the arts and tales of the Alaskan and Australian people to develop an inquiry based approach to content area.

First Grade Teacher, 1994 - 1999
Designed daily creative drama and visual arts workshops within content area lessons.  Members of the community visited the classroom to present arts from their culture for the children to use in performances for the school and community.

Fourth Grade Teacher, 1993 - 1994

Developed a unique approach for teaching early American history using research gathered from the University of New Mexico, the district curriculum, and Native American resources.

Pueblo Pintado School, Navajo Reservation, NM Sixth Grade Teacher, 1991 - 1993
Collaborated with Navajo teachers and members of the community to bring artists, storytellers, and elders into the classroom to connect their oral tradition to contnet area and textbook lessons.
Tangled Vine Studio, Owner; 2001 - Present. Displayed and sold paintings to private collectors and galleries.
Arts Integration Committee, Emerald Elementary, 1996 -2000 Developed the Arts Committee to design and coordinate Artist in Residence programs.

Japanese Internship Program, Emerald Elementary,1996-1997 Supervised and sponsored an intern visiting from Japan to work with children schoolwide.

Uncovering Our Community Artist in Residence, donations and grants provided by local photo finishing labs,Young Audiences, and the Broomfield Community Foundation, 1999.

Writing Our Way into the Community, Artist in Residence, grants provided by Young Audiences, Broomfield Community Foundation, and Broomfield Council on the Arts and Humanities, 1998.

Art Comes Alive, grant provided by the Boulder Valley Foundation, 1997.

Acting Out A Story,
Artist in Residence, grant provided by Young Audiences,1996.

Aesthetic Education Institute of Colorado, scholarship from University of Denver,1996 & 1997.
Contemplative Education, 2002 - Present, Discussed with membersof the Naropa faculty, ways to utilize the inner lives of teachers and     students as vital ingredients in teaching.

Players Workshop West, 2002 - Present; Trained in acting and improvisation at the Bovine Metropolis Theater.

Creative Drama in Education, 2001 - Present; Aligned district Literacy Standards with improvisation and dramatic  games to create a balance of learning styles in the classroom.

The Waldorf Approach Applied in the Public School Classroom, 2001; Workshop at Rudolf Steiner College on how public teachers use     Waldorf methods in their classrooms.

Standards Based Instruction, 2001 - Present;
Participated in the writing of unit maps based on content standards and assessments.

First Steps Assessment, 2000-Present;
Assessed children’s progress in reading and writing on a developmental continuum.

Mosaic of Thought, 1999 - 2000
; Discussed strategies from the book in a study group regarding children’s reading comprehension.

Six Trait Writing, 1999 - Present;
Instructed in the analytic model for assessing and teaching writing based on six attributes for effective writing.

Grant Writing, 1996 - 2000;
Workshops provided by Young Audiences, Broomfield Community  Foundation, and Boulder Valley Schools.

Storytelling, 1996 - Present;
Visited libraries as a guest, using the power of telling stories without a text to tap into the emotional, intellectual, and inner world of the child.
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The Ethics of Aesthetics. School Arts: Inspiring Creativity in Teaching,  February 2000
An editorial, based on social learning and child development theories, on how teachers could use and show the nude in classic art by the masters while meeting concerns of the human figure.
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