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This site is dedicated to my personal collection of Video Games.

As a kid growing up, I had always loved video games.  It didn't matter if I was busy taking down the evil Bowser or if I was watching from the sidelines as older gamers hogged the controllers.  It was always a guaranteed good time. 

The gaming industry is forever changing.  In the beginning, you had systems like Atari and their basic graphics.  The controllers with only 1 button were easy on the thumb.  The graphics back then were pretty lame.  Gaming technology was only just starting out and they could only get better.

Enter Sega and Nintendo.  These two companies revolutionized the whole gaming industry in my opinion.  They introduced the world to their 8-bit systems that were at the top of almost every youngsters list.  What Atari had lacked in the early years, these two more than made up for it.   Indepth levels along with a huge variety of games, there was literally something for everyone.  The controllers were also upgraded.  With both companies going with 2 button controls, it gave the games more actions to use.  Nintendo introduced us all to two new buttons, the "start"(pause) and "select" buttons.  The games for these two were also easily accessible as they were available for renting in almost all movie rental stores.  The ability to save certain games was real cool!

Times changed and technology improved.  Game systems have come and gone since Nintendo and Sega first came out.  Nintendo followed up their 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with Super Nintendo(SNES), a 16-bit system.  This was another success for them.  They continue to be a top force in the gaming industry.  They have since released Nintendo 64 (N64) and more recently Gamecube(GC).  Along the way they also brought us handheld gaming systems with Gameboy (GB).

Sega has not been as lucky.  They followed up their 8-bit Sega Master System (SMS) with Genesis(GEN), a 16-bit icon.  This was a personal favorite of mine.  This system was the single most reason why most of my homework was never done.
The games were awesome.  They were unlike anything anyone had seen on their TV at the time.  Another bonus which was a definite plus for me were the sports games.  Not only did these games improve in quality, but you were actually able to create yourself as a player and hit the field, ice and/or court!  GEN  also had add-ons you physically had to add on to the system.  First there was Sega CD (SCD), the gaming world first CD.  Then the ill-fate 32X was another add on.  Sega then released Saturn (SAT) and then Dreamcast (DC) which I never really played.  They have since stopped making systems and are now bringing us games to all the main stream systems of today. 

To Be Continued .........
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Sept 13/03 Found a few rare games at the flea market today.  One that stands out is a copy Dungeons and Dragons for Genesis complete with case and book.  Very rare.  Also found some 32X games.  I added my Sega Saturn games to this site finally.

Aug 28/03 Reached the 200 for total NES Games!!  Actually I reached it awhile back, too lazy to update this site. 

Aug 22/03 Finally updated this site.  I passed the 400 total games mark a long time ago I just never had the time to update.  Next goal is 200 NES games which should happen by this weekend.  On a side note, I recently bought a PS2 network adapter for online play.  I have been getting my ass whooped in Madden 2004.  Football is not my sport.  I am waiting for hockey to come out so I can do some asskicking of my own.

July 27/03 Atari stuff added and now sitting at 399 total games!!! all I need is one more to hit the big 400!!!  and I have no idea when I will be able to buy some more!!!  damnit

July 26/03 Over spent today but oh well, what can ya do.  There were so many games I didn't have so I just bought them all.  :)  What?? I couldn't help it ........  so many NES games!!  I don't know what I am gonna do when and if I ever get them ALL!!!!    also picked up a box full Atari 2600 stuff but have yet to add them to this site. Have to sort through it all and I'm too tired to do that right now.

July 6/03 Got a bunch of games today, 11 to be exact. Also got my hands on my very first Virtual Boy game.  Now i gotta find me a Virtual Boy somewhere.  Added the "Games Per System" box on this page, and realized the "Total Games" figure was too low.  Yeah, I'm a geek..... but a geek with a crapload of games!

July 4/03 Not much happening on the game collecting, a few titles here and there.   Slow and steady......

June 21/03 Happy Birthday Me!!!!   Got a few games for my birthday.  Also went out and bought a few with some b-day cash i got.  Collecting has been slow lately, due to lack of funds.  Hopefully that will change in the future and I can pick up the pace a little.

May 25/03 Went out to a few flea markets today, it had been awhile.  Came across some new Sega Master System games.  One of my favorites too, Shinobi!!!!   Also grabbed Mario Tennis, I look forward to kicking my girlfriend's ass in this very soon.

April 24/03  Reached 300 total games today!!!!  CRAZY!

March 15/03 Hit the local flea market early today, lots of games bought.  Note to self, get there early and you got a better selection to choose from. 

March 1/03 Almost hit 50 Genesis games today
Games Per System

NES - 228
SNES - 37
N64 - 9
GB - 4
VB - 1
SMS - 19
GEN - 82
GG - 7
32X - 6
PS - 3
PS2 - 9
ATARI 2600 - 56
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Very awesome game.  I don't know why I didn't try this game sooner. I rented it recently to check out the online play and was blown away, literally.  I liked it so much I had to buy to copy to own.  I lucked out and was able to buy a used copy complete with headset.  Very awesome game, if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?