Buddha Image Collecting and Studying Concept

Necessary to stydy into the depth of artifacts. Traditional of making buddha image such as character ,body, face etc. Because art and beauty in each period of time is different by style, believed and traditional

by Sanong Wattanavrangkul, Thai collection(1996)


1. Raw materials
Ascertain the raw material of which the artifact is made; wood Soil Sand Stone or other material. Because the raw material can tell us the situation in the soceity that produced it , whether it was peaceful, affluent and so on.
by carving in stone, it can be suggested that the people had high dexterity in the art of carving and the soceity must have been peaceful and rich for the long period of time.

2. Workmanship
To study the workmanship of the artifact for the beauty, finese, detail and harmony. Pieces executed in masterful workmanship can give us ideasabout the history of when the work are made. To archeive mastery in any art takes a long time to develop, which is an important measure in the study of history and archaeology.


Two seated buddha, making in the same period, early lanna style with lanka influence


3. Technology
Some artifacts such as those made in metal and ceramic requires complicated processes in the technique of forging and smelting and the mixture and so on.

4. Comparative studies of the symbolism and meaning
Study the meaning of each artifact and the symbolism can teach us about the background of the piece.

Seated Buddha

Bronze, Early Lanna Style from Phutabucha Book : Kitti Tammacharas