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E-Mail me here for nudes of the Women of Wrestling.

My Wrestling Tape Trading Page

I have added two people to my Bad Traders List and would appreciate it if you would take the time to add them to your lists as well. Click here to go to their webpage.

This site was last updated on June 27th, 2001. I collect WWF Videos along with movies and DVD's.

1. If you contact me, then you send first. If I contact you, then I will send first, and if we have traded before we send on the same day.

2. I don't worry about getting the same number of hours, I would rather settle on something that seems fair to both sides.

3. I ask that you please send via priority mail.

4. Only use Sony, JVC, Maxell, or TDK tapes.

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More tapes wanted! If you would like to trade for some tapes, please e-mail me at either of these two addresses: