Sorry about the incredibly large graphic, but I really want this poem to be seen, so I went with a bigger size. Alcoholism is not a joke; it is a very serious desease that needs to be reconized as a killer. One of my dear friends who was a wonderful women I grew up knowing, was "killed by the bottle" and is greatly missed by all who were blessed with knowing her, especially her children. She is just one of many who suffered from this desease and could not get her life back together no matter how hard she tried to resist the temtation of "the bottle", and believe me, she did try her best, and lost her life as so many others have to Alcoholism. I hate saying this, but it's true. So far, every alcoholic I have ever known God has taken to Heaven. Please, if you know someone who is an alcoholic, get them help. Tell them that "the bottle" is going to kill them and have them think about how many people would be effected by their death and miss them so. Show them that there is hope and it's not too late. My friend's death was one of many messages that Alcoholism is becoming a serious problem today. Please listen and try to help others. It's not too late until they breathe their last breath. Remember that any time you feel like you just want to give up, look to God for guidence. He loves you and is always watching over you. You will find Him when you need Him most. Place all of your trust in Him and He will embrace you with His love and answer your prayers.
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