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Welcome to Taxi Tribute-the fan site that is dedicated to america's favorite cab drivers.
From 1978, these cab drivers have been driving their way into fan's hearts all over the world!!
When Taxi went off the air in 1983, hearts around the world broke.  How could people not tune in each week and watch Louie's putdowns, Jim's oddness, and get advice from Alex?
Who knew in 2003 that the t.v show TAXI would still be much alive!
Thanks to loyal fans and networks, TAXI is still enjoyed and watched all over the world today!
Let's hop in a cab and go down  memory lane with the
Sunshine Cab Company. . .
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People have written to me and asked me where to get TAXI videos and other items (expecially videos!)  I might be interested myself.....but if you have any TAXI stuff and would like to sell it,  EBAY!  is where to go!

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