T.D. Baker -  Acoustic Southwestern Folk Music
We are TD Baker and Chris Davis, and we call it acoustic Southwestern folk music. TD plays 12- and 6-string guitar and handles the lead vocals; Chris plays percussion toys, lends some harmony vocals, and electric bass.
Our music is not country, not NashVegas, not blues or 60's folk or alt-country. It has it's own label-resistant sound, so you'll just have to come hear us or our fellow musicians listed at the bottom of the page.
We'll be glad to meet you! Bring friends, and bring your feel-bads, 'cause this music will banish them from your head and replace them with cool prairie breezes and our Southwestern American free blue sky!

O U R   C A L E N D A R :

COFFEE GRINDERS, 129 E. Pearl, on the Square in Granbury - April 19, 2002 8:00pm - 10:30pm.


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ALEX WHITMORE - www.2aw.com

GREG JACKSON - www.jaketguitars.com

GEOFF BARTLEY - www.geoffbartley.com

Booking, Management, PA Rental

THE FRYDADDY BAND -www.frydaddyband.com


MIKE & BONNIE CRUCIGER -www.cruciger.com

KAVIN ALLENSON - www.fwsa.com/profiles/kavin_allenson.htm

JACK HALEY - Addict In Recovery - http://members.door.net/air/

KEVIN COOK- www.fwsa.com, under 'Profiles'.

Thanks for visiting! T.D. Baker and Chris Davis
T.D. Baker
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Martin Moss & Chrissie Hammonds
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Name: T.D. Baker and Chris Davis
Email: tdbaker2002@yahoo.com