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Ok my site is less girly now. Are you happy Hope? I kinda thought it was girly to but I am still going to find ways to put some moon is there. I still have a little girl flare to me. But I'm not all the way girly =P. I wanty to add alot to this and make it better more me. It is realy hard to make it realy me cause not everyone likes me. But you know what oh well. I like me so everyone can kiss my butt.. Right now I am just changing the layouts on each page and making it a little different unitll I can get more ideas what to do. Cause lets face it This site realy sucks. I know it no need to tell me. But yet agin let me introduce my self to those of you who don't know me I am Tonya form Memphis, TN. I am 17 just turned 17. And just give me time and bear with my slowness to make this place more intresting please pot what you think is my guest book or post somthing on the message bord. And I'll find a way to make this page look cool without being girly, mabey just alittle. Oh well forget you all. I'll be geting a pic up soon one with me looking less preppy though in the pictures section on my vacation camping that is the latest pic i have that looks like me. Well see ya late. Syonara!!!!!!!!
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Like this music Get the lyrics here. Ha its Japanese. Yeah I like it and it is form a Japanese anime called Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon ya ha I like Sailor Moon. Though realy the Japanese version isn't as babyish as everyone thinks -_-.