Why Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The reasons are simple. First and foremost, I was offered a staff position by my friend and affiliate Davis. He was willing to let me run the Neon Genesis Evangelion section of his site, and was willing to accept my application right off the bat without advertising for others to try for the position. How could I not accept? It was a gracious of him to                      allow me to participate in his highly popular site, and my own site (Envision: A Digimon Fanfiction Contest) was                                     running rather slowly anyways, so I thought "why not?" After all, Eva is a personal favourite of mine. Though                                     not my first anime love, it is indeed my real love at the moment. The characters are wonderful, the plot is                                         pretty well planned, and I can't even being to comment on the complexities! Sometimes I find myself                                               wishing that I could be that deep and complex, many of my favourite characters are! For example, Shinji,                                    Asuka, Quatre, the girls of the Poisonwood Bible, and Vincent from The Deep End Of The Ocean, to name a                                      few. But then I realize that I would probably crack under the pressure and pain they experience, that there                                         is no way I can even come close to being as strong in character as they are! So I'll settle instead to making  a                                      site so others can discover the wonderful world of Eva. This webmistress certainly wasted many an                                          afternoon and dollar on this anime, beloved by almost all! Trust me, if you haven't seen it then you're                                            missing out. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best anime out there, for the time being anyway.

Thank Yous

There are many people I need to thank, who will probably never see this page, but                                   nevertheless I
will thank them! First of all, I'll have to thank Davis! Your support for Envision and your                                     kind offer to allow me to run this site will always remain in my memory! Arigatou!/To Allison: For making                                                  her wonderful page that attracted my interest to Eva in the first place!/To Tiffany: Tiffy! No                                                                matter how much you deny it, you started my insane obsession!/To Michael: My                                                                           own personal baka! lol, for rekindling my love for anime./To my loving                                                                                   parents: For tolerating my newfound obsessions everytime./To my real-
life buds: For putting up with my non-stop chatter about
anime!/To my online pals: Just for being there and chatting
about various animes with me/ To my fellow real-life
otakus: Thanx for sharing any animes you've found!
Whenever I can afford a new one, I'll give you guys
a shout (or a phone call, depends where you are at
the time!) Here's to our afternoons of gaping at the
                  TV with our brains turning to mush! lol!
                    And no matter what you say: Quatre, Shinji and Asuka rock! I luv all of you!
                     ~mikomi .^^.  (Disclaimer: This background was made by Hikaru Yamatsumi! Kirei, n
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