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Updates: 31.3.05

A new gallery has been added. Something that was long overdue mind you.
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Karia, Arelia, Taiora, Jerika, Lunaria, Tyvario, Miyumi, Takenry, Susari, Kenato, Amberia, Ryoko, Namoka, Mimako, Takouji, Mimora, Kaziro, Karika, Miyari, Karora, Mikari, Rikeri, Roseria, Sorari, Rikari, Rimiko, Renaria, Karyako, Yolari, Sorika, Jeryako, Kareri, Mirika, Rikora, Minami, Namika, Namora, Namari, Kamiko, Nameri, Namiko, Namako, Namea, Surika, Yorika, Mimari, Mimeri, Miyora, Soryako, Rumari, Runami, Jerari, Rumora, Rumika, Karuki, Miruki, Juruki, Jurari, Jurika, Jureri, Jurora, Suruki, Sureri, Miyeri, Miyuki, Miyuri, Yuriko, Mariko, Shizuka, Kasumi and Hikari are my own characters from my Nintendo Character Series. They may look like the characters from Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh, but they are my own characters for they look and act differently, despite the appearances. All of them, as well as my fanfic are copyrighted to me, Davis, 1999-2005. Ask me for permission if you wish to draw a fanart of them. Thank you.

PS: Quite a long list of characters isn't it?