The Fugere/Khollman/Sessions/Fairbanks Family Tree
I am Tiffany Fugère....I am excited to share my family tree with family, friends, and fellow genealogical reserchers. I can trace my Fougère roots back 13 generations to Simon Fougère in France. Please note that most of my research has been done on the web, and may contain errors, though not intentionally. Please feel free to contact me with corrections, questions or suggestions!
Included in the Fugère tree are the Sessions and Fairbanks lineages, which are my maternal lines.
There are currently over 60,000 people in my family tree (some famous ones I'm sure you will recognize), BUT....
Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress - I have not completed my research (will I ever?), nor is any of it uploaded here (see Some branches are as complete as I can make them [until I stumble across someone who knows more than I do!], other branches are extremely large and the data has not been completely compiled yet. Please feel free to email me with specific questions or requests by following the link to the left!

Please understand that often, information is available from more than one source. I have been working on this project for 8 years, and I'm loads better at documenting where I found things! :) Early entries into the gedcom may be without sources, and as I rediscover certain information, I will update the gedcom & add it to the list of acknowledgements found on the next page. I try to use personal homepages as confirmation of information I have found on websites, and do not borrow liberally without contacting the source. I would like to thank everyone again for sharing!!!! Good luck in your own continuing searches
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