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Chip Tunings for your TDI!



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From Mild to Wild, TDIRACING.COM can provide you with the Horsepower and Torque you need for your VW TDI engine.  We are the first to build daily driven ALH TDI Big Bore engines and offer a wide variety of custom one off parts.

-Big Bore Piston Kits-

-Custom Big Bore Head Gaskets-

-Porting and Polishing-


Home of the first CUSTOM size nozzles for the VW TDI engine.


.240, .250, .260, .270

(.270's in stock)


Other Custom sizes available upon request!




We are now pleased to offer Vag Com cables in order to:

 Diagnose Engine Problems-Clear your check engine lights-Change Injection Quantity-Fine tune your High Performance TDI


Disclaimer:  All products offered by Technical Diesel Innovations and www.tdiracing.com are not intended for any smog engine or one under any federal regulations.  The user assumes all legal responsibility if he/she chooses to install them in any such application.  Technical Diesel Innovations and www.tdiracing.com products are sold for non smog applications or for vehicles that are not run on public highways. Technical Diesel Innovations and www.tdiracing.com are not responsible for any misuse, abuse, neglect or damage which occurs to vehicles using products being sold on this website.  All sales final. 

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