The Jones Family in Texas

Welcome to our little home on the web. Here you will find various holiday events, like this month's live webcam broadcast of Thanksgiving. You will also find new photos of us, information on our various hobbies, recipes, BBQ info, and links to some of our favorite web sites. We've been living here for a little over 6 years now, my how time flies. Dylan is in 5th grade now, Maureen works at home now, she quit Beall's thank God! She really enjoys having the time now to spend with both me and Dylan on the weekends. I've left IBM after 18 years of faithful service. I was working for a small company called Innosoft International, Inc. We were bought out by a much larger company, maybe you've heard of them, SUN MICROSYSTEMS! This picture is me in my office.
We have a new addition to the family, Pugsly. Check out Pugs's photos and see just how cute he is. We really fell in love with this little guy. We bought him on the side of the road, I know you shouldn't do that but Dylan and I just couldn't resist that face. We look at it this way, we rescued him from puppy hell and gave him a family that will take care of him and love him. New pictures of pugsly