Closet Smokers Web Site
Welcome to the closet smokers web site.  The purpose of       this site is to provide a resource for people who are closet smokers; i.e., people who are smokers, but do not let everyone else know about it.

I first established a
message board for closet smokers in July 2000.  I was expecting few visitors at first, since there were only three links to the site.  Much to my surprise, the board was receiving a thousand hits a day by the end of the second week of its existence.  Feedback from participants was very positive.  To the best of my knowledge, this was the first resource on the Internet for closet smokers, who, by definition, are somewhat secretive.

If you are a closet smoker, be assured you are not alone!  There are probably more closet smokers now than ever before, given the current anti-smoking sentiment in society.  Please feel free to check out the message board and see what others have had to say.
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       August 27, 2000