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George Gordon M.A., B.G.S., G.L.C.M., A.L.C.M., P.B.D., P.D.P. - Piano Instructor

Private Piano Lessons in Your Home - Places available for January/February 2003.

Serving Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, New West, Surrey, the North Shore, and the Lower Mainland.

 "Real excellence does not come cheaply. A certain price must be paid in terms of practice, patience, and persistence." - Dr. Stephen Covey

(Classical Music only)

George's email address is:tdmusica2002@yahoo.ca

Contact telephone numbers are: (604) 777-2044: and cell (604) 767-6149

Instructor's Profile:

George studied music in England at the London College of Music where he attained his Graduate Diploma in Music Teaching (piano) as well as his Associate Diploma in Performance (piano). He studied piano under Professor Robin Stone at the LCM, and harpsichord under Professor Thurston Dart of King's College, London University. George has performed with the Academy of St. Martin's in the Field orchestra, and the Stuttgart University orchestra. George also conducted The London College of Music orchestra in the performances of many of J.S. Bach's works - notably the Brandenberg Concertos.

George has accumulated 21 years of successful piano teaching experience in Beginner to Diploma levels in both England and northern British Columbia, with many successful Festival student entries. He encourages his students to attain at least a Grade a year with the RCM or TCM. George also encourages his students to go to concerts locally as well as participate in School and local music programs.

George is available to offer piano and theory instruction -  IN THE SAFETY AND PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME. George is also an experienced church organist and is familiar with many of the Liturgies of General, Funeral and Wedding services for different denominations. He is available - with notice - to play at wedding, funeral and morning/evening services in the Lower Mainland.

His background in music and piano education, as well as in the RCM and TCM certificate programs, gives him the special skills and insights needed to provide a wide variety of music styles and interpretation methods to his students. George believes that motivation comes from setting high standards in performance and practice, as well as in enjoying and deeply appreciating the emotional language of music through piano.

Monthly Piano Lesson Fees for the 2002/2003 Year


30 minutes/week

45 minutes/week

60 minutes/week

45 minutes/bi-weekly

Grade 1 to 3

$60.00 monthly




Grades 4 to 5


$105.00 monthly

$140.00 monthly


Grades 6 to 8



$160.00 monthly


Grades 9 to 10



$200.00 monthly

$300.00 monthly

Associate Diploma



$240.00 monthly

$360.00 monthly



30 minutes/week





$100.00 monthly



A Registration fee of $45.00 is required for registering in piano lessons. This fee is not charged for Theory Lessons, nor if a Lump-Sum payment schedule is chosen. Click here to view the Lump-Sum discounts

All piano lessons are given in the safety and privacy of your home, therefore - you MUST have a piano.

Discounts are available if either of the two Lump-Sum payment schedules are chosen. Special rates are also available for those with two or more family members (brothers/sisters) taking piano lessons, and also for fixed-income families. Please discuss this with George.

All fees are payable by Cash, Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft. If you are paying through one of the discount Lump-Sum payment methods, then payment for the full year or half-year should be made before September 1st (and February 1st for the second half-year), or at time of registration. Please see the Registration Form for details by clicking here: the Registration Form also contains more details on the Lump-Sum payment discounts.

NOTE: High School students in BC are able to receive music credits towards Graduation for music studies (practical and theory) in the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) program. Click here for details.


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