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Welcome to the Tom Wiesak website, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Here is a link to my online photo album so be sure to check once in a while to see what’s new.

Photo album

I actually started my own blogger website.


I also have a random thoughts section kind of like a online journal/blog site. However, I won't be updating this anymore, as I'll put all future entries on my blogger site. This way it will be easier to add links and pictures, plus people can reply to any postings.

Random thoughts

I've been working a little bit on a bar reviews page where I review bars/nightclubs that I've been to

BAR Reviews

I have some old picture pages from past years.  For more pictures from previous years just go to the main pictures sections below. I plan to put future picture on the online yahoo photo album, so there won't be any new pictures in this section.

Pictures (Feb 04 Vegas trip)

Pictures (Bday/Xmas party)

Pictures (Summer 2003)

old school Tom Wiesak

I have added some pictures of the earlier years of my life.  Since some of you have not known me for that long you may want to see how I have changed over the years.  So here are some pictures to show you.


Pictures about me
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If you have any comments about this page send them to twiesak@hotmail.com.  


Friend links 

Here are some homepages of some of my friends.  They are in alphabetical order so nobody complains that I'm showing favoritism, even though some people's WebPages are much better then others.   The last couple of years has brought a lot of slacking to some of my friends and their web page updating, so some of these website may not have been updated in awhile.   


Tim Ballisty - Tim is a fellow PSU graduate(in Meteorology) and ex-college roommate.  Among his hobbies are working on his web page and following Pearl Jam around where ever they go. His webpage is a very good and entertaining page(better then mine in all honesty).  Tim works for the weather channel in Atlanta.   Sometimes you can see him in the background behind the anchor desk when you watch the Weather Channel at the top of the hour. If you have a question about hurricanes or blizzards that are coming your way, Tim is the man to go too.  Tim also has a blogger website where you can post comments to things that he writes about.

Steve Beauparlant - Also a graduate of Penn State. He has created a  new webpage which from what I've seen looks pretty good so far.  Steve now works for Fox Chase medical center in the Philly area, and lives in northeast Philadelphia. He also got recently married to his longtime girlfriend Kathy. Congratulations to the the two of them!

Phil Dicke - Phil also graduated from Penn State.  He lives in the State College area now and can party with college age girls any time he wants.  What a lucky person.  Phil has lots of pictures on his website as well.

Colleen Foley - Colleen is also a Penn State graduate   She too is a big Pearl Jam fan, but probably not as big as Tim(but that is disputed).  She graduated in May 2000 as an elementary education major, and is now a teacher.  Colleen is very good about updating her site(unlike other people), its usually updated once every few weeks.  I frequently sign colleen's guest book. I have to be careful what I write about Colleen on my website, cause she will read every detail :-)

Anshu Gupta (Chewy) - Like Phil, Chewy lives in the State College area now and can also party with college age girls all the time.  He has tons of pictures on his webpage. 

Carol Kunkel - Carol  graduated from Penn State in December 2000 with a degree in electrical engineering.  Carol works in the Allentown area and recently got engaged to her boyfriend Jerome. Carol updated her webpage with some cool Vegas pics so I can't make fun of her for having her most recent update be from 1998 anymore.  Carol was my roommate for a few months, and we had a great time living together.

Bill Ma - Bill is another PSU graduate.  He has a pretty cool website with tons of pics.  He works for Vanguard group as an Information Systems Engineer.  

Tom Petty -(That is his real name) - This ex PSU grad and ex-college roommate works for the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania.    He married his longtime girlfriend Tara Ouskin this past summer.  They already have a home in Ewing NJ in which I've had the honor of sitting on his backyard steps and knocking down a few cold ones with Mr. Petty.  His webpage is strictly a page of pictures and Tom has some pretty good ones.

Ciara Rodgers - Ciara is a graduate of Ursinus College with a degree in Chemistry.  She currently works for Glaxo Smith Kline.

Patrick Tomafsky - Patrick too is a graduate of Penn State University, and an ex-college roomie.  Patrick got married in April 2004 to his long time girlfriend Kendra. Patrick has another website dedicated to his favorite band Cousin Kevin.  Check it out here.

People who have some type of a webpage somewhere in cyberspace that hasn't been updated in ages.

Ethan Elliot - Ethan graduated from Penn State with a major in Secondary Education.  Me and Ethan ran track together in high school, and Ethan spent part of his summer driving around the country.

Adam Sohn - Adam graduated from  Penn State in spring 2001, he majored in Industrial Engineering. Adam has a web page, but he hasn't worked on it in about 2 years. Adam works with Intel in Portland, Oregon and now lives in the Portland area.  I hope to make a journey out there eventually.  


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