For years weve feared and known that day would surely come that you would take your place in the presence of the Son
  You wanted to be sure we would all be alright you tried to help prepare us for a forever voided life
   But a sister without her brother i dont know how to be surely God wouldnt expect such impossibilities of me
  With a heart stopping smile a hug and a kiss you told me not to lose my joy cuz it has to be like this
  The string i hung from tied to hope that youd stay unraveled and it broke in realization that day
  I decided id be brave and not cry where you could hear treasure all the little
things every moment i had you near
   "The strong must carry the weak" is
what you always said and as i laid there with you holding you in that bed
  I saw it clearly you were tired your body truely weak but in the spirit strong as
ever  your strength it carried me
I miss you Dallas, my brother sometimes more than i can bear the only thing that helps me is imaginig you there
  The battles over you have won ya got streets a gold to run upon and easy breathin here on out go see what heavens all about  I miss you till we
meet again look for me there, untill forever,then...........................