Blake Lipthratt
Cody Nancoo
Chad Richard
Bass Guitar
Brett Flanagan
Lead Vocals
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    HORRAY!!!  The site is the proud winner of the Golden Web Award.

   This site has grown faster than I thought.  Thank you everyone for taking the time to view our page and signt the guestbook.  Remember to tell everyone you know about us---and this website :-)  Thanks EVERYONE!!!  Remember, if you have any suggestions or comments send them to  GOD BLESS!!!



   The site has been MAJORLY updated.  I've added pictures in the "pics" page and have made a whole other section to the site: "Brunswick Idiots."  Some of the pictures are kind lame but I'll get some new ones posted later.  However, the pictures of Cody skateboarding are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!  PLEASE check it out.  And don't forget to sign the guestbook! Any suggestions? Email me:


     HORRAY!!! School is out today.  This was our last year at Jane Macon.  Me (Blake), Brett, and Cody will be at BHS next year but Chad will be at GA.  Too bad.  We'll miss him. 

Blake Lipthratt 2002