How Our Band Came To Be............
                   By: Cody Nancoo
      Well, not too long ago, I decided to be in the band.  In October of 2001, my friend and I were just goofing around playing guitars at school.  While playing, my two other friends, Brett and Blake, saw us.  That's where Brett got the idea to start a band.  He could sing, Blake could play drums, and Chad and I could play guitars.  At first, I was doubtful about it because I thought I was going to play with my church, and I had some other stuff to do.  In the meantime, about six or seven months later, I decided I would give the band a try.  Now, with a week of thinking, we decided to call ourselves "The Days Seem Forever."  Maybe this will work out, and maybe it won't.  Until then, we'll find out.