Arjen Bos

After highschool Arjen studied the euphonium with Herman Bekkers at the Hilversum Conservatory. In     1991 he gained the certificates for DM Euphonium (teaching the euphonium) and Conducting         Windbands. He also got a certificate to teach the trombone as well. After his studies in the town of Hilversum Arjen continued his studies at the Brabant Conservatory. At this institute he gained the certificate for UM Euphonium(the highest certificate in music in the Netherlands) with the remark "excellent" in 1993. In 1995 he added his High Diploma Conducting Windbands to his already impressive list. This certificate allows Arjen to be the musical leader of professional windbands.

As leader of three amateur windbands and teacher with several institutes for music-education Arjen earns a good living.

Arjen holds the position of euphoniumplayer with the Royal Dutch Militairy Band.