This my latest amp. The original design is a variation on the California Dreamer from the AX84 website.
For the most part, the sound is beautiful when I workaround the issues, but I'd like to find the root of them. The problems are:
1. The biggest problem is that turning the gain up at all causes this thing to go unstable with what I'm guessing is blocking distortion. I'm able to mostly work around that by inserting a cap from the V3b grid to ground, but there's still a fizzy distortion/crackle when I play at all hard.
2. The return from the reverb goes unstable when the the pot is all the way up.
3. The 60hz hum is pretty loud with single coils. .


This was my first attempt at building a tube amp.
It was surprisingly successful, but I'm still tinkering with it constantly.
I'm not satisfied with the effects loop so that will be the next thing I fix on it.

Here's the schematic.