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Peek at the Week
                  October 5 - 9

   Language Arts:
       Reading skills: sequence and predict
       Reading: Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat
       Phonics:  contractions
       Grammar: NOUNS and PROPER NOUNS
        Writing:   writing news and paragraphs
        Reading: Check the Lighthouse Language link to see the
                        amazing words(vocabulary) to study.

    Math: Subtraction strategies Topic 3-3 to 3-5        

    Science: Owls *see October page

   Social Studies: Christopher Columbus
                              *see October page

Activities for Star of the Week

Star of the Week:
        Monday: Bring poster that was sent home on Friday. The star will talk about the poster and display it.
        Tuesday: The star will participate in Tuesday's Teacher.  The star will assist the teacher with a lesson.
        Wednesday: Show and Tell
        Thursday: Star will receive Popcorn Award. 
Optional: Star may bring in a small treat (cookies, cupcakes etc...) to share with class.
         Friday: Star may donate a puzzle of their choice to the classroom. Star receives an autograph book from fans.
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