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Olah! Welcome to colorful Mexico!

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Mexico's People
The Mexican population is made up of three main groups of people.   They are the people of European/Spanish descent, Native Americans, and people who are of mixed European/Spanish and Native American ancestry.   People of mixed ancestry are called mestizos and make up about 60% of the population.  About 90% of the population of Mexico is Roman Catholic.

It is common for people in Mexico to make and sell items in open markets.   Many of Mexico's people also work for large manufacturers that make products for people around the world.

Men and women in Mexico usually wear cotton clothing.   Men wear pants, a shirt or t-shirt, and sandals (called huraches).  Women usually wear a skirt and blouse.

Mexico's Homes
The homes in Mexico vary by region.  There are apartments, modern homes, and luxurious resorts in Mexico's tourist cities.  Homes are more modest in villages and small towns.  Many villages are built around a central market.  Typical Mexican homes have a spanish style and may be decorated with hand painted tiles and bright colors.

Mexico's Culture
For thousands of years, Mexico's Indians (such as Aztecs and Mayan) were the only people who lived in Mexico.  But in 1519, some people from Spain began to conquer and settle Mexico.  Over the years the Spanish and Mexican cultures have blended together to form their own rich culture, which we call Mexican.

Weaving and embroidery are among the traditional crafts of Mexico's native Indian people.  Just like their ancestors, women bring brightly decorated clothes into the towns to sell in the markets. There are many outdoor markets in Mexico's cities and towns.

Mexican music is oftenplayed with guitars.  The mariachi are strolling bands usually made up of 2 violins, 2 trumpets, 2 five-string guitars, and a guittaron, which is a large bass guitar.

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Mexico's Foods
Mexicans eat a variety of spicy foods that are often flavored with chilies.  Fruits and vegetables are important in Mexico and are included in just about every meal.

Many meals are served with tortillas.  A tortilla is a flat bread that is made from cornmeal.  Tortillas are often served fileed with meats or frijoles (beans) and cheese.  Some of the foods that you enjoy, such as tacos, are Mexican foods.

Mexico's Activities
Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico.  Swimming and water sports are also enjoyed.

Mexico's Animals
Mexico is home to a large variety of animals.  Rabbits, armadillos, and snakes are common.  The forest areas are home to spider monkeys, ocelots, anteaters, parrots and toucans. 

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Mexico's Holidays and Celebrations 
A fiesta is a festival that celebrates a holiday such as Cinco de Mayo and The Day of the Dead (El Día de Los Muertos).   The town celebrates with fireworks, traditional music, dancing, dress and food.
Mexico's Land
Mexico is a very diverse land.  In Mexico there are beaches, mountains, deserts, volcanos, and forests.  It is usually hot and humid on Mexico's coasts.   It is drier and cooler in the central region.  The wet season occurs from May to October.

Mexico's Cities and Landmarks
Cancun is located in the Yucatan Peninsula.   It is Mexico's most popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, lively city, and history.

Teotihuacán is Mexico's largest ancient city.  Many tourists visit the temples and pyramids that were built long ago.

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Mexico's Facts:
Area: 761,604 sq. miles
Capital City: Mexico City
Population: 98 million
Main Language: Spanish
Currency: Mexican Peso
Natural resources: petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas, and timber

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