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Help with Lesson Plans (K-12, all subjects) / Literacy / Graphic Organizers

 Learning Styles / Project Based Learning / Technology
 Assessment Tools / Rubrics

Create an assignment / homework / web page
Grants: Writing Tips / Education Related Foundations



 National Council for the 
Social Studies

 American Anthropological Association

 American Association for State & Local History

 American Historical Association

 American Political Science Association

 American Psychological Association

 American Sociological Association

 American Studies Association

 Association of American Geographers

 Center for Civic Education

 Center for Global Education

 Geographic Education National Project

 Historical Society of Pennsylvania

 History / Social Science On-Line Network

 National Association of Economic Educators

 National Association for Multicultural Education

 National Council for Economic Education

 National Council for Geographic Education

 National Geographic

 Oral History Organization

 Organization of American Historians

 Society for American Archeology

 Social Science Research Council

 World History Network



American Association for Heath, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

 American Educational Research Association

 American Library Association

 American Association of Family and Consumer Science

 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

 Association for Career and Technical Education

 Council for Exceptional Children

 International Reading Association

 International Society for Technology in Education

 National Assoc. Bilingual Education

 National Association for Music Education

 Modern Language Association

 National Council for Teachers of Mathematics

 National Association for the Education of Young Children

 National Council of Teachers of English

 National Science Teacher Association

 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


American Federation of Teachers

Amnesty International

 Center for Excellence in Education

 Childrens Defense Fund

Coalition for Essential Schools

Council of the Great City Schools

Dicipline Help - Behavior Guide

 Education Week

 Education Week - search for organizations

 Educators for Social Responsiblity

 Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

 Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network

 Good Schools PA

 International Education and Research Network

 Learning Laughs
(school related cartoons)

 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Center for Fair and Open Testing

 National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition

 National Coalition of Education Activitsts

 National Service Learning Clearinghouse

 National Education Association

 National Writing Project

 Public Broadcasting - Merrow Report

 Public Broadcasting On-line

 Peace Education Foundation

 Pennsylvania Department of Education

 Rethinking Schools

 School District of Philadelphia

 TURN - Teacher Union Reform Network

 United States Department of Education



Creating Lesson Plans

Step by Step Lesson Planning
 Behavioral Verbs for Lesson Plans
 Verb Chart for Lesson Planning
 Lessons Plans the Easy Way
 8 Elements of an Effective Lesson
 Questions for Lesson Plans
 American Teacher.com

The Literacy Web
classroom sources / research

 American Library Association Books for Youth

 Literacy Center - Early Childhood

Journaling (all subject areas)

 Literacy and Technology

 Information and Activities 
for Modes of Writing


 Playing Around with Poetry 
 Online Poetry Classroom 
 Poetry Links / Types of Poetry 

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum Activities

Writing Lesson Plans (links)

 Writing Prompts for Journal Writing 

 Writing Topics by grade level

 Writing Workshop Ideas

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers that support specific thinking skills

 Graphic Organizer Generator (create your own)

  Graphic Organizers

 Graphic Organizers

 Graphic Organizers - English & Spanish

 Graphic Organizers - Index

 Graphic Organizers and the Writing Process

 Exploring Graphic Organizers

 Five Types of Graphic Organizers

 Library of Graphic Organizers

 Printable Graphic Organizers

 Sample Graphic Organizers


Finding Lesson Plans 

 Educational Resources Information Center - ERIC

 Ask Eric

 Awesome Library Lesson Plan Page

 Big Chalk.com

 Blue Web Lesson Plans

 Can Teach (by subject / grade) 

 Cool Teaching Lessons and Units

 Cyber School Bus (United Nations 
Lesson Plan Page)

 Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans


 Educators Network

 Elementary Age Web Sites by Subject / Grade

  English as 2nd Language / Bilingual Links
 Center for Applied Linguistics
 ESOL Lesson Plans and Resources
 Resources for Second Language Teaching

 Enhanced Learning

 Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Lesson Plans

 Gateway Lesson Plans Page

 History Teachers Bag of Tricks - Primary Documents

 Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

 Landmarks for Schools Links
(Science, Social Studies, Humanities)

 Learning Disabilities

 Lesson Plans Page

 Lesson Plan Search

 Library of Congress Lesson Plans

 Literature Activities

 Marco Polo Lesson Plans Page

 National Endowment for the Humanities 
Lesson Plan Page

 National History Day

 PBS Teacher Sources

 Social Science Hub

 Social Studies Central

 Social Studies for Kids

 Social Studies / School History (UK)

 Strategies for Teaching Social Studies

 Socratic Method

 SCORE - History and Social Science

 Smithsonian Lesson Plan Page

 Teach with Movies
(lesson plans and evaluation of movies)

 Teacher LINKS - Data Base Search

 TeacherNet Lessons

 21st Century Lesson Plan Links

 Virtual Field Trips

 Yale, New Haven Lessons


 Worksheets, Cards and Games

 World Wide Web for Teachers Tools / Lessons


Learning Styles
 Learning to Learn - Learning Styles Links

 Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence

 Learning Styles Chart

 Learning Styles Inventory

 Learning Styles Resource Page

Project Based Learning

 Project Based Learning on the Net
(overall introductory site for teachers)

 A Guidebook to Project Based Learning

Instructional Models for Project Based Learning

 Overview of Project Based Learning

 Problem , Project and Inquiry Based Learning - What are the differences?

 Articles on Project Based Learning

 Center for Project Based Learning

 General Questions on Project Based Learning

 Global School House
(on-line project competition)

 Principles of Project Based Learning

 Project Based Learning Email Group

 Project Based Learning with Multimedia

 Research on Project Based Learning

 School Dist. of Phila. Project Based Learning

 Problem Based Learning
  Creating a Graph


Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

 Integrating the Internet - Curriculum Ideas

 On-line technology trainings - Power Point, Word, Web Quest, Excel....

 One Computer Classroom Articles / Ideas

Educational Technology

Teach Nology

Tech Teacher Concepts

 Technology in the Classroom

 Technology in the Classroom Links

 Technology Advancing Student Knowledge


Assessment Tools

Alternative Assessments

 Alternative Assessment - Definitions

Alternative Assessment Articles

 Alternative Assessment Definitions

 Assessment and Evaluation Links

 Assessment - general links

 Assessment Tools Check Lists

 Computer as a Tool for Assessment

Portfolio Assessment

 Portfolio Assessment - What is it?

 Overview of Portfolio Assessment

Bloom's Taxonomy
 Bloom's Taxonomy with examples

 Introduction to Rubrics

Understanding Rubrics - What are Rubrics?

 Rubrics: What, When, and How

 What are Rubrics? - 5 articles

 Steps in Developing a Rubrics from Scratch

Discovery Rubric Page

 Ready Made Rubrics for Every Subject Area

Rubric Builders / Ready Made Rubrics

Ready Made Rubrics by Assignment Type

 Thinking Gear Rubric Machine

 Rubric Builder

 RubiStar Rubrics

 Rubric Maker



Simple Class Web Pages

 Create a Class
(go to "Teachers" - "Create a Class")

 eBoard Class Web Page

 Eduhound Class Page

 High Wired Class Page

 My Class Free Web Page

 My School On Line
(fee after 30 days)

 Nicenet Class Page

 School Notes Class Page

 Scholastic Class Web Page

 Teacher Web Class Site
($2.50 /month)

 Teach-nology Class Web Page

 Your Homework Web Page

 Web Page Wizard Class Web Page

Design from Scratch 
A Class Web Page

 Learn HTML Basics

 Web Monkey Web Page Steps

 Web Kids Build a Web Page

 Empowering Student Learning with 
Web Publishing

 Create a web page from scratch

 Netscape Web Page directions

Web Page Hosting

Geocities Host Site
 Homestead Host Site
Web Hosting - Angelfire
Web Hosting - Tripod
 Web Hosting - Free Web Space
 Web Hosting Plans

 The Electric Teacher

Power Point, PhotoDraw, Front Page, Word, 
Photo Archives, EdWeb Design

Clip Art

 Amazing Picture Machine

 Awesome Clip Art for Kids

 Barry's Clip Art

 Classroom Clipart

 Clip Art Universe

 Clips Ahoy Clip Art

 Discovery School Clip Art

 Ditto Visual Search Engine

 Flaming Text Clip Art

 Free foto Photograph Site

 Graphics Hot List

 History Images

 Jo's World Clip Art

 Photographic Libraries

 The Teacher Guide Clip Art

 Teacher Net Clip Art

 Webshot Photo Gallery



 Grant Writing Tips
 Braitmayer Foundation

 Constitutional Rights Foundation
(Service Learning)

 Dirksen Center Grants 
(Social Science)

 Do Somthing Club Grants
(student initiated projects)

 Education Grants on-line

 Foundation Center

 Foundation Grants On-Line

 Gates Foundation

 Hazen Foundation

 Jordan (Nike) Foundation Grants

 National Education Foundation Grants

 National Education Foundation Fine Arts Grants

 Oracle Technology Grants

 PA Compact Grants

 Polaris Grants Central

 School Grants

 Teaching and Learning Grants

 Verizon Foundation

 US Department of Education Grants

 Yahoo Grant Listing Guide


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