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What students are saying about Mr. Rock and his class...

"Mr. Rock shows step-by-step how to do the work and makes it easier."
"He's a really good teacher. He teaches math in an easier way so we can all understand."
"I really don't like math but in Mr. Rock's class I understood it better and I like math more now than before."
"I actually learned."  "I usually hate math."  "I like the way he teaches."
"He is one of the very few teachers who is different than most teachers. He makes us laugh, makes learning really fun & I enjoy attending his class."

What students are saying about Mr. Rock's books...

"Your books were a really good help, Mr. Rock."
"They go step-by-step and are understandable."
"It's basicallly an answer key to math."
"Mr. Rock is a wonderful author and I look forward to getting a new version."

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