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Aptitudes -- Learn about the
Johnson O'Connor Lab      members.aol.com/jocrf19/
Learning Styles -- Learn about Howard Gardner
Learning Styles by Dr. T. Armstrong (A good overview of MI)  http://www.thomasarmstrong.com/

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Experience with Odyssey Ware
Experience with starting a reading program
Mr. Mac (right)  with his friend Rudi (left) around Mr. Chef near Aruba restaurant at Lauderdale-by-the-sea
Mr. Y has good stories (and he's a good middle school teacher)

If you tell a story with a mass of undigested facts, it is of no use to the reader and it shows that the storyteller is simply lazy.

QUOTES for inspiration

Quotations of Dr. Deming

More interesting stuff...

Mr. Tyler's page (a guy who creates interesting web sites)... An online dictionary... useful!

See Mr. Mac's tour of Fort Lauderdale...
Reading Links

Reading Course:  

The responsibility of the historian and any storyteller is to distill for the audience.  Assemble the important information and discard the irrelevant.

The historian's task is to find out what really happened, how it really was. 

Even an untrustworthy source is valuable for what it reveals about the personality of the author.
Research is seductive;
writing is hard work. You have to sit down on that chair and think and transform thought into readable, interesting sentences that make the reader turn the page.  It is slow, painful and agony.  It means rearrangement, revision, adding, cutting,  rewriting.  But it brings a sense of excitement.   It is an act of creation.
First find out WHAT happened in history.  Later you can find out WHY.  It is safer to leave the "why" alone until after one has not only gathered the facts but arranged them in sequence, in sentences, paragraphs and chapters.  The WHY will emerge.  The process of transforming a collection of personalities, dates, gun calibers letters and speeches into a narrative eventually forces the "why" to the surface.  It will suddenly appear and tap you on the shoulder,
but not if you chase after it first before you know what happened.
Barbara Tuchman, Practicing History, Essays in Search of History.

This page is sponsored by 
newFCAT.com, the new attitude ... because
Friends Can Achieve Together     Philosophy

New Possibilities for T

Clement Tingry, the visiting student from Franc, invites students to contact him..   Clement invited students to write to him at  clement_tingry@hotmail.com or they can leave a “commentaire” at clem92140.skyblog.com
I believe international email, when supervised by parents, can lead to good opportunities and cultural interchange.  I hope your student will take up this opportunity.

I hope your family participates in
the Geography contest
Mr. Mac
Catch a NEW ATTITUDE toward FCAT
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"I can't find anything here"
If you want to FIND IT, go to
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"I can't find anything here"
If you want to FIND IT, go to
English for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL pages
School Athletic Records at DATA
Downtown Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida...
Joshua D. can run the length and back of Huizenga Park in 26 seconds.  Katie can do the same distance in 28 seconds.  In 6th Grade, Lan can do the length (one-way) in 15 seconds.  Karriyma can do the length (one way) in 15 seconds.  She can also walk from the band stand to the edge of the brick with 14 cartwheels.
FOOTBALL: Mr. Kranstover threw a 68-foot passs to Dane ... wow!
Bravo to Joshua H. for his quarterback throw and Damian Edwards' catch. 
Nicholas in 6A can throw a frisbee 66 feet. 

Damion Edwards received the first reading award for working hard
to find the main idea of the books he is reading.
He received the famous "Reading Award Pen"....
Web Sites by students Some students are making web sites, such as:
Ashley M.     
Tess Kramer  
Billy L  Gemstones
The team of four who will connect
their sites and make
Bryan P.    
a web page for the
seventh grade
Mohammed  "
TrueDawggg"  (the GAMES site)
DESTIN's Website
Schools are better thanks to volunteers.
Thank you to parents who bring in
books and computers.  Keep volunteering!

Mopeds ... hmmm.... what are the rules of the road for a motor scooter or a bicycle?  Do you know who has right of way (the permission to go ahead) when a car and a bicycle both arrive at a 4-stop intersection?   Where can you look for this answer?
Families Collect Answers Together
Computer use -- DATA starts with the idea that students need to learn about the use of computers.  Parents, please assume that your children are learning how to use matches at school, then check to make sure the students are using the matches responsibly.   In other words, we're teaching students to make web sites.  It's up to you to check that the web sites contain what you want them to contain.  Why?  Students are clever. If I check what's on the site, and it's okay, two minutes later the clever students have changed the content.
PARENTS:  Recommendations about email and skyblogs
Some of the visitors who speak at the school encourage students to get more information onthe internet.  Some of the contacts connect to legitimate email addresses. 
Please monitor your children's access to the Internet.

When a speaker wants students to visit a web site, we will send a copy of that information to parents for two reasons.
a.  the parents can store the information and remind the student to visit the site.
b.  the adults can monitor the visits and use of the site.
For example,
www.skyblog.com is a powerful tool in the fight against racism and a helpful web site to support intercultural understanding and creating opportunities for your children to visit interesting places and meet helpful people in other countries.  And...skyblog.com can also be used for... (fill in the blank)  See Mr. Mac's SKYBLOG  www.skyblog.com/englishlesson

Some websites that I recommend

www.corpomovimento.com (nice people who describe the culture of Bahia in Brazil)
If you want to receive updates about web sites that I find inteeresting, send me an email and I'll add you to my "once a month" club for reminders to look at interesting web sites.

Interesting research about driving and teens.  We know that insurance rates are higher, especially for teen boys, while driving.  Ouch!  Can we delay the use of automobiles?  Let's keep our students out of accidents!
See my new web site about "a new attitude" toward the FCAT (Floridians Can Achieve Together)... 
Volunteers who spoke to our
classes at Downtown Academy

Ms. Scott (who spoke about Jamaica)
Mr. Christopher Hills (via Mr. Mac) about the spice industry
Gerry Cooper, real estate business
Debbie Orshefsky, land use lawyer
Clarence McKee, lawyer and entertainment law
Ms. Abrams, environmental law enforcement officer
Mrs. Rudnick, real estate
Mr. Eral Manning, information about insurance and running your own business --
special thanks for picking up our newspapers each week (I see you visit us at least twice a week) and for your interesting stories for the students..."This is how you can control your time -- own your own business"
Mr. Stanley Brown, chemistry, water and computers
Judge Bowman (with handcuffs!)
Clem Tingry, born 1988, Monsieur Rap de HLM,
I bet you don't believe that I can rap cuz I'm a white boy clem92140.skyblog.com or email at clement_tingry@hotmail.com
Invited:  Ms. J. Bacayao, director of Hispanic Unity

Volunteers who have given their time to the school (so many to mention!)
Parents (see Mr. Di for the complete list!)
William Lamm, computer specialist with his assistant Cliff donated 3 hours on a Saturday to present some suggestions to the school
How many pieces are missing from the design? >>>>>
Multiple Intelligences       Emotional Quotient     What should every student study?      Go Farther
Poems and Readings for Everyone        Photos at Downtown Academy     FIVE TIPS    ESOL
TRAINING FOR ALL TEACHERS:  Reading Endorsement  sbbc-vu.org         READINGENDORSEMENT
Look For Patterns.com  and the YOUNG AT ART museum
Reminders for students


Dashing through the year
In one room every day
Oh, the pain we have
  When science comes to play.
When reading time is here
We all jump up to cheer
Because we're acting lots of plays
in books and magazines.

Art is fun,
math is cool,
Science is a drag.
Whenever language comes around ,
The writing makes us mad .
Oh, DATA rules
'cuz it's cool
So that's just what they say .
I know most people love it here
But some don't want to stay

Lyrics by L----a  Ak---ah  Al---a  and others

This song was first performed at the DATA December 2004 Talent show
Welcome to www.TeachersToTeachers.com
Learn 5 phrases in another language
        Find out your "learning style"          GO FARTHER   
Look for Patterns (for gifted students...and everyone is gifted at something)       Meet a penpal           VISUAL AND ACTIVE
Learn phrases in Italian smartphrase.com/Italian/it_general_words_phr.shtml   WHAT SHOULD STUDENTS LEARN

LEARN FRENCH       ITALIAN      SPANISH Phrases                     LOOK FOR PATTERNS       VISUAL and ACTIVE     

FREE SAT LESSONS!  What Message Does It Send To Our Students?           (Reminders to teachers)
SAT VIDEOS for GRE, SAT, FCAT -- improve your scores  Mr. Mac's "reading practice with videos"

Steve's SAT methods
Save gasoline by slowing down on the highway...
Save gasoline by slowing down on the highway...
Ms. Mytryshyn says, "There's one phrase in Italian that every student needs to know...  I need to go quickly!"
Devo andare subito
DAY vo ahn DAH ray  SUU bee toe
Bravo, Zallah!  Keep practicing! 

The "Computer Photo Badges" Program

You can earn your computer badge if you can do these actions
Take a photo using 640 size

Take a movie using 160 and 640 sizes

save it on a computer

Change the size of the photo (to use on a web site)

save the original and the smaller size photos on a CD  (BURN)

Get a Yahoo.com ID

Learn to use oocities.com (create your own free web page and paste your photo in that web page.)

Send the web link to Mr. Mac at s2314@tmail.com or mistermath@comcast.net

The "Computer Badge for Office" program

MS Word
Make a document, insert a photo and adjust the photo.
Make a web site on a CD using MS Word, using at least four interconnected web pages
Make lines and boxes

MS Powerpoint

Oh boy!  Make a slide show
Insert a photo in the presentation
Show different types of fonts

MS Excel
Make a budget with at least 4 categories
Calculate the percent of each category
Make a second budget showing some changes
Make graphs with these figures


Average height of students in 6th grade

Average height of students in 7th grade

Percent of students above 5 feet, percent below 6 feet
Do you want photos on your web page?

Ask someone to make a photo of you and make a SMALL size of the photo and then upload the photo onto your GEOCITIES.com page.

Call 954 646 8246 if you have questions.
(6:45 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

PHOTO PAGE for Projects edited by Negus

See a page by NEGUS     Student Web Pages
Take a deep breath...exhale and another deep breath...exhale
Close your eyes, exhale, take a deep breath and exhale.  Open your eyes.

I met a mother who reminded me that one of her children got a 1520 and another one got around 1000 and the other two got somewhere in between.  She loves them all, and they all are making contributions to society.  All graduated from college, none of them beats their spouses and none of them has been in a fatal car accident.  She asked me, "Isn't that more important than a test score?"  

"Hey! Lighten up!  It's just your life that you're preparing for!"
Do something useful like visiting
BCC SAT Call 954 201-2459 to register      SAT WORDS
Mr. Mac works with DVD, video and audio.
His web sites:
DoubleMoonShot.com Inspired by a comment by Thomas Friedman
Double Moon Shot part 2
GRANDMOTHERSAYS.COM   Kay Latona's ideas
IHATETOREAD.COM   Let's read graphic novels
MATHFORARTISTS.COM   math for artistic thinkers
NEWFCAT.COM for an expanded FCAT (including portfolios)
PAT-HARRIS.com If you don't like math, you might want to get over your anger to get the best results from math tutoring
ROADLOVERS.COM   an online travel newsletter
TEVEMCCREA.COM   My marketing company
TEACHERSTOTEACHERS.COM   My first site with Cary Elcome, perhaps the most creative EFL teacher on the planet
BUILDINGINTERNATIONALBRIDGES.ORG My effort to build bridges by Internet through email 
TeachingtotheTest.org   inspired by Marc Greenblum
DEMOCRACYBONDS.COM a response to Thomas Friedman's call for a "moon shot" effort for new energy sources
GLOBALCOOLINGCAMPAIGN.COM plant trees and Plant-Trees.org
Quotations of Dr. Deming
What is your story?  What do you want to communicate?
The following web sites show some of the work Mr. Mac does with clients.   Need a simple web site?  Get your brochure on the Internet using
www.godaddy.com and www.Geocities.com

International Oasis  Leslie954   Language School
DRKURTWAGNER.COM a plastic surgeon
GAIGLOBAL.ORG   a non profit group in Peru
SEVENISLES.COM homeowner's community
STREETJUDO.COM   Paolo Quaglia's video 
BYTHETAIL.NET    Scott Solochek, songwriter
JKMCCREA.COM   My sweetheart's site
NOAHSOLOCHEK.COM  My great-nephew's site
FreeEnglishLessons.com Steve's language site
Roadlovers.com    a travel portal
GO TO FCAT Practice      Poster: newFCAT.com      Look for our Volunteers
This is the web site for Mr. McCrea "Mr. Mac"    www.newFCAT.com <<<<< it's a new attitude

SAT TUTOR Mr. Mac's SAT Course    Tutor for other subjects    Web Site Instruction

www.number2.com     www.freevocabulary.com DVD available showing my technique

You won't need
a tutor if you spend at least 4 months with both of these web sites...
If you still want a tutor, call  954 646 8246 in Fort Lauderdale... 
Learn about these photos by visiting www.oocities.org and making a web site using your yahoo.com ID -- ask Mr. Mac
ESOL  English for Speakers of Other Languages              EFL  English as a Foreign Language      FreeEnglishLessons.com
Free English Lessons Online            Math For Artists.com       Math-Success.com              Differences in the Brain
SAT VIDEOS            www.satVideos.com  CLICK HERE to visit my video samples

Summer Reading on a CD   SCROLL TO BOTTOM for the list of WEB SITES
SAT VIDEOS            www.satVideos.com
CLICK HERE to visit my video samples
Bring a tutor into your home at the fraction of the cost of a tutor.
I videotape some of my classes, so you can join me in learning.
I charge $60-75 an hour, depending on the course and the subject, but you can view an hour or more of my teaching for less...
call 954 646 8246 for discounts and special arrangements, such as "partial refunds" when you return the CD or DVD or VHS to me.
Rent a tape or a DVD from the SAT VIDEOS library
Each tape is $20, postpaid in the USA.
If you return a tape with your order, you get $8 off.

Subjects currently available

Math with Leslie (ONE) for the Artistic Learner
Wet Math with Dr. McAlister  DinoDiver.com
The founder of Ocean Engineering at Florida Atlantic University gives his tips on how to find a favorite reef and other useful tips.
Math with Viviana SOCIAL MATH for the Interpersonal Learner
SAT with John (May 30, 2005)  A male approach or a hunter approach.
Including 5 tips to prepare for the SAT, with a remedy for learning vocabulary
FIVE HOURS (including May 23)
Three DVDs or three VHS

A List of Web Sites that some teachers have recommended (for more reading practice!)
This paper should be near your child’s computer – in easy reach.
There will be additions to this list…this is just the first edition.
These sites are suggested because parents ask teachers “where can my child learn more?”  This list is for “Extra Learning.” Your child  can not get extra credit by visiting these sites except by special arrangement and agreement with a teacher.  These sites are NOT for extra credit.  These web sites are for Extra Learning.    This is the first of several lists that will be sent home during the year.  Please keep this list in a prominent place.  You can also find this list at
www.newFCAT.com (to help with FCAT preparations, FREE)
www.fcatexplorer.com (you need a user ID and password)

www.LookForPatterns.com (when you are finished with homework – time for more!)
www.infoplease.com/homework (lots of categories to explore)
www.thebeehive.org click on “SCHOOL” in the left hand margin    “Homework Help”
school.discovery.com/students/ Lots of activities from the Discovery Channel
http://www.factmonster.com/  Big green screen with many categories 
Cultural Understanding and Pen Pals   
www.BuildingInternationalBridges.com   (to learn about interesting cultures) Get an email account with a disposable service like yahoo or hotmail to participate
Spanish.about.com a general web site for learning Spanish
Italian.about.com    A general web site for learning Italian
http://www.homeworkspot.com/middle/foreignlanguage/ links to other sites

http://www.homeworkspot.com/middle/science/   help for Science homework
http://quizhub.com/quiz/quizhub.cfm  Quizhub.com   lots of fun and education
http://www.refdesk.com/homework.html a useful gateway to a variety of web sites

    www.History.com (of course!)
www.nationalgeographic.com   (for social studies)
www.WhatDoYaKnow.com A site created by a Social Studies teacher in Palm Beach County.
http://www.bpl.org/kids/socialstudies.htm Boston Public Library’s page for Kids (fun)
http://www.socialstudies.org/ National Council for Social Studies
www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/res.cgi/Subjects/Social_Studies for teachers.  Did you ever wonder where teachers learned so much?          www.Geographyolympics.com   They created a world puzzle.

Lifetime Transitions and Anger Management

www.Pat-Harris.com    (audio letters are available for you to download and hear)
www.DowntownAcademy.org our school’s web site!

READING   Practice reading on these sites.

http://www.ncte.org/middle/topics/content/117565.htm National Council for Teachers of English has a book list
www.snopes.com Read about urban legends and find the truth.
www.gutenberg.org Over 10,000 books online (FREE)
http://www.refdesk.com/homework.html More Homework Help
For kids who love books
http://nancykeane.com/rl/ Book lists to give you ideas about what to read next!
SEARCH on “reading for middle school”
Middleschoolhub.org   a collection of interesting quizzes      Quia.com   more quizzes
www.algebra.com (for general help with math)
  (an artistic and visual way of learning about math)  Click on “challenging problems” for interesting math exercises.                         http://www.math.com/ Good pages for review
www.number2.com (for advanced math training)         nctm.org (the National Council for Teachers of Math) 
www.RetireThePenny.org  A math exercise     
Take the Middle School Math Challenge  
Test Your Math Skills (requires Shockwave plug-in)   
Internet Math Library 
Math Counts-Math for Middle School               
Franklin Institute-Open Ended Math Problems for Middle School Students
Ask Dr. Math 

Do you have other web sites that you enjoy?  Send your suggestions to mistermath@comcast.net or smccrea@downtownacademy.org  

More Ideas for Summer Reading
(and reading throughout the school year)
Why not subscribe to interesting newsletters?
To subscribe from the Save Darfur Coalition email list, visit this link.

For interesting stories about history... 

To hear about the next Shuttle Launch, go to
www.NASA.gov and look for the SUBSCRIBE button

World Science [mailto:emailnews@world-science.net]
* Animals may plan ahead, studies find: The investigations may be important for
understanding the evolution of foresight, according to an expert.

* Shedding light on the origin of flowers: New research may help clarify a question that Darwin
called an "abominable mystery." http://www.world-science.net/othernews/060517_flowerfrm.htm

* Bananas could die out, group warns: Humans are wiping out wild bananas, and commercial
varieties may not be able to survive, U.N. officials say.

Do you have friends who would like to join World Science? If so, just send us their email addresses (after making sure they actually want to sign up) and we will add them to the list. Send the addresses
to this email address.

What is the Apollo Alliance?  Why is it called "apollo"?

Do you like reading thick books (a little each day)?  BIBLE VERSES & TRIVIA -  "Positive, Encouraging & Inspirational Messages"    To SUBSCRIBE: http://www.gophercentral.com/sub/sub-bibleverses.html

How about a Quote A Day?  To SUBSCRIBE visit:

www.youtube.com/v/xvKCCQ2p2q4 Another video about "relationships"
SAT prep at BC
Broward  College
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Call 954 201 2459 to register
Mr. Mac      
SAT prep at BCC
Broward Community College
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Audio Letters by Pat Harris


Audio Letters by Pat Harris


Audio Letters by Pat Harris


Audio Letters by Pat Harris


Audio Letters by Pat Harris

Audio Letters by Pat Harris

Page 1  (Introduction)     Page 2 (TIPS)        
Page 3  THE BOOKLET   Page 4  Vornle Method to Get into College
Page 1  (Introduction)  
Page 2 (TIPS)         
Page 4  Vornle Method to Get into College
Page 1  (Introduction)  
Page 2 (TIPS)         
Page 4  Vornle Method to Get into College
Page 1  (Introduction)      
Page 2 (TIPS)         
Page 3  THE BOOKLET   
Page 4  Vornle Method to Get into College
Page 1  (Introduction)      
Page 2 (TIPS)         
Page 3  THE BOOKLET   
Page 4  Vornle Method to Get into College
Scroll down for more tips and information...
I used to teach SAT courses at Broward County Community College.
Here's a sample video of the technique...
Visual and Active >>>>>>>>>>
Downtown Academy is closed. 
Here is a press release that took place in 2006 to promote the use of electronic books in schools.  For more information about electronic books (eBooks), go to

Is Downtown Academy one of the first schools to offer a CD to its students for summer reading?  Perhaps.  A search on Google for "summer reading CD" got these results...

1)  Well, if adults can use a CD for professional development... why not middle school?
Shortcut to: http://www.nnu.edu/1669/   VIRTUAL EDUCATION SOFTWARE, inc (VESi) HOME STUDY COURSES OFFERED ON CD's NNU partners with Virtual Education Software, Inc., a leading provider of computer-based instruction courses for educators,
to provide the opportunity to take professional development courses from a CDThese self-paced, multimedia, interactive courses allow you to obtain credit working from your own computer on your own time frame.   A maximum of 6 months is allowed to complete the course.

2)  Search:  schools give compact disk CD to students
[PDF] The Life Cycle of a CD or DVD File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
contacting a CD recycling company on behalf of your. school or school district—collecting ... CD/DVD Recycling Web Sites. www.epa.gov/epaoswer/osw/students/finalposter.pdf -

3)  Bob Reid Programs
Each school can decide how to use the finished CD. It can be made available to ... Give students an opportunity to participate in a recording project. ...
www.bobreidmusic.com/programs.htm -

4)  Description Exercise 3: Compact Disk (CD)
Exercise 3: The Compact Disk (CD). Goal:: To have students reconstruct a coherent, .www.ebstc.org/TechLit/analysis3d.html -

5)  Educator Courses Via Distance Learning
These courses are designed to run from a compact disk (CD) and saves user ...www.csudh.edu/extendeded/Educatoronline.htm

Memories from Four Years of Downtown Academy

2004-2005    Mr. Di's first year
                     I was reading reacher for 18 weeks.  Mr. Stephen the Rabbi took over for Jan. to April 2005.
                     Do you remember the Sumatra Tsunami in Dec 2004?   I tutored a student named Billy in the main library.

2005-2006  Mr. Di's second year
                     I tutored one student for much of the year (helping him get through his 2nd year at 6th grade)

2006-2007   Mr. Di's third year 
                       We brought students from various language schools to practice speaking with middle school students.

2007-2008   Mr. Jett's first year --  I held workshops in October 2007 at DATA  to teach people about Skype
                     June 26, 2007, I was on NBC6 "South Florida Today"  to talk about Skype.
                       I tutored some students in oct to Dec 2007  and some FCAT prep in Feb 2008
                       A large number of computers were donated.
September 2008  the school was closed.
Parents!  Click here
Fourth Part
Vornle Plan
Vornle Essay
Welcome to SAT Prep
First Part
Please visit Find A Small School
Here are photos from the first Hawk-Toberfest (get it?) October 2007
(more photos at the bottom of this page)
Do you see the green tennis ball (captured in midair by this photo?)
"I think you need more practice!  Throw harder!"
"Ooops!  Good aim!"
The student in the red shirt is from Germany and he will be here until April 2008.  Say hello to him when he visits our school and you can see him at 301 East Las Olas, 6th floor.  "Hello, German guy!"
Hey, Mr. "Event Staff" hit the target, too!
Here is our chief photographer, Audreyanna

Go to
Go to
Jacob's new mohawk look.
Aubrey has an authentic costume.  Great hat, Mrs. Jett!
Let's take off our shoes...
Free CDs for reading and visual learning
The Knockworst and Bratworst were sold by the Ambry, a German-American restaurant in Northeast Fort Lauderdale
3016 E. Commercial Boulevard,
Fort Lauderdale    (954) 771-7342
More Clients
Buy a video about San Miguel de Allende

FCAT for Parents